Omarion Sues Zeus Network For At Least $200K For Breach Of Contract & Fraud


Omarion Sues Zeus Network For At Least $200K For Breach Of Contract & Fraud

Singer Omarions company Omarion Worldwide is allegedly suing the Zeus network and the founder Lemuel Plummer, according to The Blast.  The lawsuit alleges

“breach of contract, fraud, and various other claims. “

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The Zeus platform is a subscription-based video streaming service that launched in 2018. The network has featured reality shows featuring  Blac Chyna, B Simone and other celebrities.

Omarion Worldwide and Zeus announced their partnership in February of this year, with plans to release “The Millennium Tour Live Concert Featuring B2k.” When the news broke, Zeus CEO Lemuel Plummer said in a statement,

“We are excited to work with Omarion to bring original content, music and entertainment to Zeus.”

According to the lawsuit, Omarion says,

“Zeus failed to follow the terms of their deal and screwed him out of money.”

Allegedly Zeus network was suppose to

“provide financial support for the project, share all subscriber data, and pay Plaintiff a set amount of every monthly subscription fee earned by Zeus for subscribers drawn to Zeus primarily by Plaintiff and/or the Content (a Monthly Revenue Share).”

Omarion says,

“The Defendants almost immediately began engaging in conduct which breached the Agreement and showed that the Defendants had never intended to honor the Agreement. During negotiations, the Defendants made the below statements to Plaintiff for the express purpose of inducing Plaintiff to sign the Agreement. All of these statements were fraudulent and the Defendants never had any intention of honoring them as evidenced by their immediate breach and refusal to follow the Agreements terms after Zeus received the Content it desired.”

The suit is also accusing the network of,

“providing altered subscriber reports meant to ‘deprive’ Omarion of his compensation owed.”

Omarion says the company failed to spend money on promoting the project and solely relied on him to promote it. Omarion is suing for “at least” $200,000 in damages.

Check out a trailer of the show below:

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Authored by: Demi Lobo