Raqi Thunda Accuses Joe Budden & Cyn Santana Of Faking Drama For ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’: One Of Y’all Storylines Backfired!

Raqi Thunda Accuses Joe Budden & Cyn Santana Of Faking Drama For ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’: One Of Y’all Storylines Backfired!

Update #2 (Sept. 10th): Raqi Thunda is calling out Joe Budden and Cyn Santana after Joe Budden accused her of being involved with leaked audio between him and his ex-fiancée.

Raqi Thunda shared a photo of court documents with the caption and pointed out a green object in the background, claiming it was a green screen for VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: New York,” which Cyn Santana and Joe Budden both star in.

“Wait a minute… so neither one of you geniuses noticed that the sound proof blanket, green screen backdrop and pipes in the corners of most of those “Leaked” pictures look exactly like the Green Screen Room At Love and Hip Hop!?!!?”

She added,

“Now I’m no rocket scientist but I’m definitely smarter than the two of you put together! Clearly one of y’all goofy a**ses storylines backfired!!!! ?Wow the devil lies in the details…Hold your apologies ??#Joebudden#cynsantana”

She also shared photos from the set, pointing out the green screen and background.


Original Story (Sept. 9th): Amid allegations that Joe Budden had been physically abusive towards his ex-girlfriend, Tahiry, a leaked conversation surfaced online (Sep. 8), where the mother of his son, Cyn Santana, accused him of chasing her and “dragging” her, to which he did not admit.

Since the leaked audio, both Joe Budden and Cyn Santana have publicly made statements about it.

Cyn Santana took to her Instagram to post a heartfelt message about the situation, and at one point stated,

 “I confided in somebody and they completely betrayed my trust.”

She also stated,

“I confided in someone that i considered a sister. I confided in someone that, in my eye looked like someone that was genuinely trying to help me and my son and and just helped me figure my life out, you know.”


In a new Instagram live video, Joe Budden also addressed the private issue that turned public, thanking Cyn for “handling that [Instagram live] as best as she could”, and seemingly confirmed whom Cyn Santanta may have been referring to.

“Cynthia looked for guidance in a friend or so she thought was a friend somebody that had been around me for years and years and years and years.”

He continued,

“In the middle of this breakup this friend will call it for now this friend chose that opportunity to be opportunistic and to leverage my breakup in an attempt to manage Cynthia’s music career.”

Expressing whom he alleges leaked the video, Joe Budden stated,

“So rocky with her slimy nasty f*cking a** slithered her way into a very vulnerable impressionable hurt and emotional Cynthia.”

He also seemingly addressed allegations that he was inappropriate with his dog.

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Part 2

Though they were close friends for years, Raqi Thunda has previously had issues with Joe Budden.  She alleges in an interview below that things once even got physical.

Now that they’ve made public statements, what are your thoughts on the situation?  Share them with us below.

Authored by: Robin Ayers