Whitney Houston Hologram Surfaces, Allegedly Without The Permission Of Her Estate

Whitney Houston Hologram Surfaces, Allegedly Without The Permission Of Her Estate

Eight years after the iconic singer’s death, Whitney Houston’s hologram, which was originally scheduled to make its debut on NBC’s “The Voice” in 2016, has now emerged without the permission of her estate, according to reports.

Initially, Pat Houston, the executor of Whitney Houston estate inked a deal with Primary Wave Music Publishing to launch a posthumous concert tour featuring the hologram to honor her fans. But music producer Scott Storch and company seemingly jumped the gun.

Pat Houston, Whitney Houston


Recently, producer Scott Storch teamed up with Hologram USA and hosted a variety show that featured live performances and cameos from icons past, and released it on FilmOn TV network.

Reportedly, fans were shocked at one point during the show to see the hologram of Whitney Houston take up the screen.

Several years ago when the hologram was set to appear on “The Voice,”  during a duet with singer and then-host, Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston’s estate reportedly pulled the plug because they didn’t like the way the hologram looked.

Amongst the people who worked on the hologram, Alki David partnered with Scott Storch after making a few changes to the hologram and decided to give the performance a go, reportedly without getting the permission of Whitney Houston’s estate.

According to reports, he didn’t feel the need to get permission, citing the fact that it’s his work and he has the right to pick it up again.

According to reports, the estate is currently weighing out their legal options.

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Authored by: Robin Ayers