LaToya Jackson’s Ex-Fiancé Demands Her Mother Appear For Deposition As He Fights Accusations He Stole $1 Million In Memorabilia From Michael Jackson’s Home Following His Death

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LaToya Jackson’s Ex-Fiancé Demands Her Mother Appear For Deposition As He Fights Accusations He Stole $1 Million In Memorabilia From Michael Jackson’s Home Following His Death

The ex of Michael Jackson’s sister, LaToya Jackson, has reportedly demanded the late pop star’s 92-year-old mother appear for a deposition as he fights against allegations that he stole $1 million worth of memorabilia.

If you didn’t already know, LaToya Jackson’s longtime ex-fiancé, producer Jeffre Phillips, is being sued by the estate of Michael Jackson for allegedly stealing the clothes the “Beat It” singer wore on his deathbed. According to the estate, Jeffre Phillips stayed in the pop star’s home for 9 days following his death on June 25, 2009. During his extended visit, he allegedly took clothes, handwritten notes, a briefcase with business and personal letters, Michael’s driver’s license, and his iPhone.

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According to RadarOnline, the estate is accusing Jeffre Phillips of improperly taking items and attempting to sell the property years later. The court documents reportedly said the items included “roughly 109 CDs/DVDs, most of which either contain handwritten notes on them or are private special editions,” personal and legal papers, handwritten notes, 5 hard drives, a microphone set, a photo album with Michael on the cover, 3 silver Mac laptops, two iPods, two Dictaphones with 2 micro-cassettes, and 3 standards cassette tapes.

In addition, the estate reportedly said Jeffre took a black bag with a skull on it, a signed, framed photograph of the late entertainer, a Michael Jackson doll, and roughly 11 framed platinum/gold record awards. Allegedly, the missing items are worth at least $1 million.

As a response, Jefree, who was with LaToya Jackson from 1995 to 2015, denied he stole the property.

As previously reported, Jeffre told the court that MJ’s mother, Katherine Jackson, asked him and Latoya to come over to the home after MJ was rushed to the hospital. He said,

“For several days, we stayed at the Carolwood House, during which time at least a dozen family members came and went, some of whom took items from the house.”

Toward the end of his stay, Jeffre said Katherine Jackson asked him and LaToya to remove any personal belongings that they could take because the home on Carolwood would be cleared out soon.

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According to Jeffre, they complied with Katherine Jackson’s request and

“gathered what personal property we could, such as Mr. Jackson’s phones, Driver’s License, and the clothing he wore on the night he passed amongst several other personal items.”

He said they took the property and weeks later, he asked Katherine what they should do with the items and she allegedly told him to keep the items.

“I have never sold a single Carolwood Item nor have I publicly displayed them. I have never lied about having the Carolwood Items or otherwise concealed the fact that I kept the Carolwood Items in storage. Jackson family members knew I had these items.”

The court ultimately issued a temporary injunction, prohibiting Jeffre from selling off any of the items until a future court date.

According to reports, Jeffre has demanded all future hearings be postponed until he can depose Katherine. In his recent motion, he reportedly said Katherine provided a declaration to the estate as part of their legal action against him. He said she claimed to have never told him he could take the items. He added Katherine’s attorneys have made her unavailable for a deposition.

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely