B. Smith’s Husband & His Controversial Girlfriend Broke Up: She Took Off

B. Smith’s Husband & His Controversial Girlfriend Broke Up: She Took Off

Earlier this year, supermodel Barbara Smith (lovingly known as B. Smith) passed away at the age of 70 due to her battle with Alzheimer’s, but not before being at the center of a controversial relationship with her husband Dan Gasby.

Reportedly, at the request of B. Smith, her partner of  27 years began a controversial relationship with Alexandra Lerner so that Dan Gasby wouldn’t get lonely after B’s passing, according to Dan Gasby in a recent interview. Rumors also began circulating that Alexandra Lerner moved into the house with Dan Gasby and B. Smith, which he adamantly denied in a recent interview, saying:

“Not true.  She never lived there.”

According to Dan, the press had a “field day” with the salacious rumor because of the “racial situation,” insinuating that the speculation began because Alexandra is white.


He also revealed that he and Alexandra Lerner are no longer in a relationship, stating

“She took off.  Whatever.”

He continued mentioning:

“Wish her well. Life has a way of whatever you deserve you’ll ultimately get.”

Dan has since become a member of the American Brain Foundation as well as the Alzheimer’s Association and encourages people to donate to these causes.  He says,

“We need to donate because the brain you save may eventually be your own.”

Watch the full interview below.

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Authored by: Robin Ayers