Dreezy Releases “Love Someone” Video Featuring Jacquees

Dreezy Sets The Scene On Fire In “Love Someone” Featuring Ex Jacquees

Dreezy releases a new visual with her rumored ex-boyfriend, self proclaimed king of R&B Jacquees for “Love Someone.” The single off Dreezy’s album Big Dreez is under the direction of Jake Riley and John Lathan. Dreezy’s storyline chronicles the breakup of several couples.

Throughout the relationship turmoils, Dreezy makes the decision to takes her situation into her own hands against her cheating boyfriend’s SUV amid an apocalyptic disaster.

She sets fire to her man’s car with gasoline while Jacquees reflects on love lost on the hook.

Jacquees and Dreezy started dating last spring after going on tour together. The video was shot prior to their reported breakup early last month.

Back in March she gushed about their relationship,

“He’s more than what y’all see on the internet… every celebrity that you see on these blogs and stuff is a real person in real life. Cause I used to be looking at him the same way like, ‘Oh that’s Jacquees’…When I met him, I was like “Oh you’re a real person. You got a momma. You got bills. You running a whole business.’ This s*** not easy. I know firsthand because I’m an artist. So to kind of step into his world and his career and see how he handles it. I got nothing but respect for him.”

Check out the video below:

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Authored by: Gregory Molette