Kim Kardashian-West Says Her Social Media Checks Are Bigger Than Her Reality TV Ones

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian-West Says Her Social Media Checks Are Bigger Than Her Reality TV Ones+ Shares Story About Growing Up During The O.J. Simpson Trial

We all know that Kim Kardashian-West has BEEN getting to the bag for years now. However, did you know that the entrepreneur and attorney-hopeful actually racks up more coins from her social media postings than the earnings made from a single season of the soon-to-be-defunct reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians?”

KUWTK Season 17 (Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian West, Khloe Kardashian)

That’s right. Kim Kardashian-West confirmed this in a recent interview with talk show host David Letterman. On a recent episode of the third season of his Netflix show, “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction,” the beauty mogul revealed much about her life over the past few years, including the fact that the end of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” is definitely not the end of her income:

We would not be who we are today without Keeping Up With the Kardashians and that’s why we continue to share our lives. Even if, realistically, we can post something on social media and make more than we do a whole season.

While Kim Kardashian-West does not reveal the exact amount she earns per social media post, she’s reported to earn at least over $300,000 for each post she shares on Instagram.

Kim also discussed a variety of topics during her sit-down with David Letterman including what it was like to grow up during the infamous trial of NFL legend O.J. Simpson. She talked about how divided she felt because her mother, Kris Jenner, believed that O.J. Simpson was guilty of killing his ex-wife Nicole Brown-Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman and her father, deceased attorney Robert Kardashian was on the other side of the situation because he was one of the former football star’s defense attorneys. She explained that at the time she was about 14-years-old and simply wanted to please both of her parents but was unsure of what to think regarding the situation:

We didn’t really know what to believe or whose side to take as kids ’cause we didn’t want to hurt one of our parents’ feelings.

She also went on to talk about an incident where her father Robert Kardashian took her and her sister Kourtney out of school and did not tell their mother Kris:

My dad took us to court one day with him and he took us out of school and didn’t tell my mom. And I remember my mom was sitting with Nicole’s parents and Kourtney and I were sitting right behind O.J. and we, like, look over at my mom and she’s giving us this death stare like ‘what are you doing out of school? what are you doing here?’ And Kourtney and I were just like ‘Look straight. Do not look at Mom.’

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Authored by: Sincerely Liz