Marlon Wayans Tells Tiffany Haddish Why She Was Never Cast In A Wayans Film: You Were Always On 10

Marlon Wayans On Why Tiffany Haddish Never Got Cast In A Wayans Film: She Needed To Be More Mature 

The Wayans Brothers are one of the most famous families in Hollywood, known for producing and creating projects such as the likes of In Living Color, Scary Movie and more. While the brothers have cast notable actresses such as Regina Hall and Anna Faris, it appears the list is very specific. Recently comedian and actress Tiffany Haddish, 40, filled in for Ellen Degeneres on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Tiffany Haddish appeared to have some light-hearted contention with the Wayans casting decisions and asked Marlon Wayans why she was never cast in any of their projects. She says,

“This is something I’ve been wanting to bring up now. You know we friends and I know you love me…You have helped me in so many different aspects and gave me great advice, but this is what I want to  know.”

She continues,

“I have auditioned for so many of your movies that your friend, your family on. Why do I never get cast?”

Marlon responded by smiling and explained,

“Me and my family always say you’re funny. As producers, you hire and cast people. You were always funny, but you were always on 10. And sometimes you just be inappropriate.”

He added,

“It’s like a love scene and you want to sit on actors’ lap and fart. And it’s like no Tiffany, it’s not for this scene. So it was maturation[had to] hit you. “

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Authored by: Toi Monèt Creel