[Photos] Karrine Steffans & Lil Wayne Hold Hands & Cup Cake At Vegas Club

A very married Karrine Steffans and her ex-boyfriend, Lil’ Wayne reunited in Las Vegas–sorta kinda. Photogs caught the two partying at 1 Oak Night Club. As you’ll see, the two are still good friends–but look at that body language. We see y’all! And so does twitter:

I actually interviewed Karrine a few months ago (for those of y’all that follow me on twitter, she told me my Transcriber sucked balls :)) and chatted w/ her about Lil Wayne. Specifically, I asked her how Tunechi felt about her being married. She explained:

“I don’t think I ever told him. I think he just found out. We don’t have those type of conversations. He maybe found out through me. It doesn’t matter to our relationship. When we do see each other we share pictures and do the parent thing.”

In either case, I kinda like these two together. No?