Simone Biles Says “Are Y’all Done Yet?” While Responding To Those Criticizing Her Husband’s Opinion About Men Being “The Catch”

Simone Biles, Jonathan Owens

Simone Biles Says “Are Y’all Done Yet?” While Responding To Those Criticizing Her Husband’s Opinion About Men Being “The Catch”

Looks like Simone Biles is fed up with the internet’s negative discourse about her man.

The super star gymnast took to social media with a message recently after her husband Jonathan Owens sparked backlash for his controversial thoughts on men being the prize of a relationship.

Making her feelings about the situation simple and clear, Simone Biles wrote to her X account:

“are y’all done yet?”

The 26-year-old also reposted several social media posts in defense of Jonathan Owens, 28. One of which read:

“It’s clearly most women didn’t watch the full podcast..The attacks this guy is facing based upon a 10 second clip about HIS experience is wild..He literally goes the entire interview honoring and showering his wife Simone with love..You people are pathetic smh”

While another included a response from one of The Pivot podcast’s host defending the athlete, with the caption:

“Just because you feel like he should be worshipping the gymnast Simone Biles doesn’t mean that you can’t respect that he’s in love with the woman Simone Biles.” Bird Twitter, are you listening? Is it sinking in??”

Biles has been unwavering in support of her new hubby since the internet has been slamming him over his remarks about the lead up to their union. As we previously reported, social media users came down on Owens hard for claiming that he didn’t know who the most winning gymnast of all time was when they first met back in 2020. Additionally, the Green Bay player agreed with the interviewer’s remark that since Biles initially pursued the connection, he must’ve been “the catch” in the relationship. Going beyond just agreement, Owens further stated:

“Well I always say men are the catch,”


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? original sound – King of truth

Many online criticized Owens‘ remarks, expressing their concerns that Biles is married to someone who is secretly competing with her. However, the couple have both repeatedly reacted to backlash over the interview, making it clear that despite what others think they’re in a good place. The two also doubled down on their stance that those who actually care should watch the entire episode instead of just clips, as Owens is said to have gone on praising Biles for consistently speaking life into and being an amazing wife.

In one response post, the football player uploaded a picture from he and his wife tying the knot back in March of this year with the caption:

“Unbothered Just know we locked in over here”

In another, Owens reposted an individual who spoke to what  the sports professional talked about outside of the controversial remarks, writing:

“Buddy spent the majority of his interview talking about how instrumental she was in his success… and how she spoke life into him.. how individual, joint, and premarital therapy helped them both… how rough it was watching her not feel herself at the last Olympics…

He’s never caused an issue on social media… ZERO cloud chasing! 

And all y’all heard was ‘catch’….”

It doesn’t appear they’ve said anything further about the situation at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson