Stevie Wonder Says ‘Give Us Reparations, I Know Joe Biden Will Do It’

Stevie Wonder Says ‘Give Us Reparations, I Know Joe Biden Will Do It’

Stevie Wonder is making it clear that he has faith in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris if they win this year’s election.
During a recent performance at a rally for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the legendary singer said that he’s convinced Joe Biden will give Black Americans reparations.  He first made it very clear to the audience who he wants fans his and to vote for, stating:
“Remember we’re supporting the future president and future vice president of these United States, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”

Kamala Harris

He then addressed Donald Trump’s previous vow to make Juneteenth recognized as a federal holiday.  Juneteenth is an annual celebration that recognizes the emancipation of those who had been slaves in the U.S.
An unimpressed Stevie Wonder says that Joe Biden will do something better for the Black community pay reparations.
“I hear that someone wants to give Black Americans or African-American people a holiday – they want to supposedly make Juneteenth the holiday. Okay I’ll tell you what, you can do better than that and I know Joe Biden will do it.  Give us reparations for the work that we’ve all done for the last 400 years unpaid.”
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Donald Trump

He then touched on the number of people who have died this year due to COVID-19 under the leadership of Donald Trump.  Stevie Wonder slammed Donald Trump’s idea to reportedly end affordable health care in the U.S.
“And we think about some 200,000 plus that have died from this virus in this country and you’re talking about trying to end affordable care for people which they’re in court right now trying to destroy. That’s unacceptable we can’t allow that to happen. We cannot allow that to happen.”
Check out the video below:

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Authored by: Demi Lobo