Cardi B Says Trump Supporters Threatened To Burn Her House Down

Cardi B Says Trump Supporters Harassed Her And Threatened To Burn Her House Down

Like many others, Cardi B is celebrating the news of Joe Biden winning the 2020 presidential election and becoming the 46th President of the U.S. In a two-video post, Cardi B took to Instagram to show her excitement and also reflect on the harassment she has received from Donald Trump supporters during his presidency. She begins by saying that she knew Joe Biden was going to win.

“I knew who was going to win. God knows better. You know why God put Joe Biden in place? Cos you Trump supporters were getting out of line. Ya’ll were becoming real bullies.” 

She goes on to talk about the mis-treatment she has received from Trump supporters and states that it began when she was supporting Senator Bernie Sanders. Cardi says,

“Ya’ll have been putting me through s** for a hot min. Ever since I started talking to Bernie. These Trump supporters that got a blue check on Twitter, y’all been coming at me every week for attention. Y’all tried to scare my sister off the beach, y’all broke a pole on my husband’s car.”


Cardi B, Bernie Sanders

She continued,

“Y’all was doing the most and y’all kept bullying people and picking on people and it got to the point that a Trump supporter with so many followers was trying to send people to burn down my m****f**** house, to loot my house. Ya got out of control. This power that ya was having – it just got out of control.”

The “WAP” rapper went on to tell Trump supporters to not be scared of Joe Biden winning. She said,

“Y’all acting like Joe Biden’s gonna kick ya out of this f*** country. You’re still an American at the end of the day, he’ll still care for you. Even though you was a f*** up person talking all that sh** cos you’re a Trump supporter, he’ll still gonna care for you.”


Joe Biden

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Authored by: Monique Nicole