Joe Biden Wins Presidency + Kamala Harris Becomes 1st Woman VP!

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris

Joe Biden Wins Presidency + Kamala Harris Becomes 1st Woman VP!

After a brutal and long election season and campaign, Joe Biden reportedly has the coveted title of president for the 2020 General Election, beating Donald Trump.

After making history as the first candidate to get more than 70 million votes and 284 electoral votes, Joe Biden has been determined as the president for the next four years, according to Associated Press.

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Donald Trump

Just before Joe Biden was declared the winner, Donald Trump claimed he won the election on Twitter.

Joe Biden held the leads in several states, but it was Pennsylvania, which has 20 electoral votes,  that got him over the threshold.


Kamala Harris

Considering the new win, Kamala Harris is now the first female Vice President of the U.S.

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Barack Obama

Joe Biden also served as Vice President for two terms beginning in 2008 under the first black President, Barack Obama. 

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Authored by: Char Patterson