Producer Hitmaka Recalls Hanging Out With Ray J & Whitney Houston, Says He Walked In On Whitney Taking Off Her Clothes [Video]

Producer Hitmaka Recalls Hanging Out With Ray J & Whitney Houston, Says He Walked In On Whitney Taking Off Her Clothes [Video]

It looks like some old secrets are being revealed about the late Whitney Houston and her rumored relationship with singer/reality tv star Ray J. In a recent interview, music producer Hitmaka, also known as Yung Berg recalled a time when he was hanging out with Ray J and Whitney Houston. He revealed they were all out partying together in Atlanta, and by the end of the night, things got a little awkward. Hitmaka said,

“We in Atlanta, we’re staying at this hotel. We have a show at Compound Nightclub. I go get into the car with Ray and Whitney Houston is in the car with us. Whitney was a Gangsta tho , she was a real n**ga.—Me and Whitney throwing back patron, she chain smoking squares. It was a vibe.”

Allegedly, after their performance, they all headed back to the hotel. Hitmaka then recalled walking into the wrong hotel room, catching Whitney Houston undressing, and her telling him to get out.

“Im looking for Ray J.– I go in the room. Whitney Houston taking her pants off, I walk in the room, like she getting naked in Ray J’s room and she like, ‘get out of here yung berg’, and I’m like, ‘Oh my God I’m sorry’ and I ran out of the room.”

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Whitney Houston (circa 2008)

It had been rumored that Ray J and Whitney Houston dated on and off, following her 2007 divorce from Bobby Brown. While the pair had never confirmed if their ‘relationship’ was romantic, fans made their assumptions. In a 2012 interview, Ray J talked about his friendship with Whitney. When asked if their relationship was more than platonic, he had this to say,

“Our friendship is something that people might not understand, maybe because of the age difference, but we’ve always just been friends. We hug, we laugh, we go out to dinner. … We talk about, you know, different things in our lives and she’s a cool person.” 

Ray J continued,

“We’ve always kept our relationship as private as we could, but when we go out, she’s such an icon, it reaches the masses. But, for the most part, we’ve always been friends and we’ve kept everything hush-hush and just quiet and we really don’t focus on that.”

Whitney Houston circa 2011

Sadly, Whitney Houston died on February 11, 2012 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Her death was caused by a combination of accidental drowning, drug use, and heart disease.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole