Consequence & His 9-Year Old Son Release New Music Videos ‘Lost A Million’ + ‘Phase2’

Consequence & His 9-Year Old Son Release New Music Videos ‘Lost A Million’ + ‘Phase2’

From battling Lupus to dealing with financial hardships, it’s safe to say that rapper Consequence has had a tough year. Although times have been hard for the 43-year old Queens native, it looks like he’s keeping his spirits high in his new uplifting music video, “Lost a Million”. The video takes us through his doctor’s appointment and the streets of New York as Consequence raps about Covid-19, his health condition, and losing money.

In an interview, Consequence credits his 9-year old son Caiden for being his reason to keep pushing forward following his recent Lupus diagnosis. The rapper said,

“He’s [Caiden] really my blessing from God. When it got stupid for me, he was right here like, ‘Yo, come on, you just gotta get your muscles back. Come on daddy, you can do it.’ He’s my little superstar … he definitely re-charged the Tesla for me.”


As previously reported, in September, Consequence revealed to fans that he was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Lupus. In an Instagram post, he shared a picture of him with his family at his son’s birthday party. He expressed that he was body shamed for looking so skinny, but little did people know, the rapper was battling both Lupus and Diabetes. He wrote,

“I was body shamed when I posted this pic on 08.17.20 I was approx 113 lbs And some asshole said I looked like “an old junkie”Lupus + Diabetes had been kicking my ass for 7 months straight.”

He continued,

“But…Oddly enough I was getting better as 2 weeks before that I was 105 lbs and my sugar was in the 500’s from being on Steroids But I was determined to wish my son @caiden817 Happy BirthdayBecause, as you can see, it could have been the last time God’s will is God’s willThis is my story and I’m tell it my way…Wait till you see me in a picture now ??? #ThingsAreDifferentNow”


Keeping the musical talent in the family, Consequence’s son Caiden shows us his rap skills in his motivating video, “Phase 2”.


We’re glad to see Consequence is in better spirits. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below. 

Authored by: Monique Nicole