Antonio Brown Not Facing Charges After Allegedly Yelling At Guard, Throwing Bike & Smashing Security Cameras

Antonio Brown Not Facing Charges After Allegedly Yelling At Guard, Throwing Bike & Smashing Security Cameras

NFLer Antonio Brown has been accused of allegedly destroying security cameras and throwing a bike during an argument at his home’s complex.  He is reportedly not facing any legal charges out of alleged fear that he might retaliate.

His team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were reportedly aware of the alleged incident before signing him.

A rep for the team says,

“When Antonio joined us, we were clear about what we expected and required of him. Thus far, he has met all the expectations we have in place.”

The alleged incident took place in October when he was seen going off on a guard at his Miami home’s building, the Hollywood Oaks private community. According to a police report via the Miami Herald, Antonio Brown was upset that a guard at the security gate did not let one of his guests inside of the community, without him physically being there.

Antonio Brown allegedly got on his bike and rode to the gate where the guard was, threw his bike, and smashed security cameras.

A police report filed on the incident says that Antonio Brown used curse words at a female guard saying,

“Why are you wasting my f***ing time? You need to let my guest through the f***ing gate.”

He allegedly yelled at the property manager of the building calling her a “racist b**ch.”

When the Hollywood Police Dept. arrived at the scene, officers say that Antonio Brown’s blue bike was still at the scene.

Antonio Brown was not charged because the president of the homeowners association, Sylvia Berman allegedly did not want to press charges against Antonio Brown out of fear that he “may retaliate against her employees.”

Sylvia Berman reportedly downplayed the situation and added that Antonio Brown has already paid to replace the damaged camera.

She added that she thinks AB was just having an “emotional reaction” that day and praised him for helping the Tampa Bay Bucs beat the Carolina Panthers in a recent game.

This is not the most time Antonio Brown has displayed anger, he was actually suspended for the first 8 games of the 2020 NFL season because of his behavior off the field.

Earlier this year, Antonio Brown and the mother of his three children Chelsie Kyriss got into an explosive dispute, that was all caught on camera. The former NFL star went live on Instagram to capture the heated moment as he accused Chelsie Kyriss of allegedly trying to steal his Bentley.

In the video, he’s walking around the said white Bentley, showing multiple police cars are in the area. He said,

“A whole lotta broke h*es, that’s what it is. They’re broke and they can’t finesse so they try to come steal. You see it? You come to take the kids to school? You can’t take them, so you try to steal.”

Antonio Brown signed his contract with the Tampa Bucs on Oct. 27. His first game was during week 9 against the New Orleans Saints.

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Authored by: Char Patterson