Michael B. Jordan Is The New ‘Sexiest Man Alive’!

Michael B. Jordan Is The New ‘Sexiest Man Alive’!

Move over John Legend, there’s a new Sexiest Man Alive. 

Michael B. Jordan has officially garnered the coveted title from PEOPLE, one year after it was given to John Legend.

He spoke about the honor and said:

“It’s a cool feeling. You know, everybody always made that joke, like, ‘Mike, this is the one thing you’re probably not going to get.’ But it’s a good club to be a part of.”

While he’s been plenty of women’s #MCM for his work in front of the camera, this year in projects like Creed and Black Panther, this year he’s become much more vocal in using his platform to demand inclusion for the black community in Hollywood.


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He added:

“I think there’s a time and a place for everything. I’ve been picking my moments to make the most impact. We can all take action—big or small—to help create the change we want to see.”

He continued:

“My mom and dad sacrificed so much to provide for my sister, brother and me. I’m just grateful. Honestly it’s like they all have had such an impact on me and who I am and how I approach each day. Without that, a lot of things about me just wouldn’t be the same. So it all comes back to that foundation. I’m really thankful for that.”

Michael B. Jordan

He also said the women in his family will be particularly proud of this acknowledgement.

“When my grandmother was alive, it was something that she collected, and then my mom naturally reads it a lot and my aunts as well. This is one that they’re definitely going to have a special place for.”

He went on to share what fans can expect from him in the next decade, including “maybe directing a little more, acting less, producing a lot more.” He added:

“Just growing, whatever the next evolution of me is. Hopefully a family by then, I’m going to throw that in the universe. I want to make an impact all over the world and not just through the roles that I play.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson