LL Cool J Says Calling Him “Hollywood” Is Not An Insult: I Earned Every Dime, F*ck Your Envy

LL Cool J Says Calling Him “Hollywood” Is Not An Insult: I Earned Every Dime, F*ck Your Envy

The entertainment industry can be a tough code to crack, but Grammy award-winning rapper turned actor, LL Cool J may have found the key after nearly 40 years in the business.  LL Cool J, (Ladies Love Cool James, stemming from his birth name James Todd Smith), recently took to his social media to let his followers know that he doesn’t consider being called “Hollywood” an insult.

He wrote,

It’s time to get something clear.  Calling me “Hollywood” is not an insult.  I came from Queens and busted my *ass to get here.  I earned every dime.  I’m absolutely “Hollywood”. A true hustler will sell everything but his soul.  F*ck your envy..

LL Cool J hit the scene in the early 80’s and quickly rose to fame, prolonging his first career as a sought after rapper.  He solidified his staying power with hit after hit including “I Need Love,” Doin’ It,” Mama Said Knock You Out,” “Around The Way Girl,” and more.

The 9x Grammy nominee took home two of his own for Best Rap Solo Performance (“Hey Lover”), and Best Rap Solo Performance (“Mama Said Knock You Out”). The seasoned rapper also hosted the Grammy Awards Show for five consecutive years.

In addition to his accomplishments in music, LL Cool J, who shares 4 children with wife Simone Smith of 25 years, has an extensive resume as an actor.  He became a fan favorite on the 1990’s show “In The House”, as well as movies like In Too Deep, Any Given Sunday and S.W.A.T., and still stars in CBS’s “NCIS: Los Angeles.

In December of 2019, Cool J revealed that he’s working on new music.  He wrote,

Do you agree with LL that being called “Hollywood” with all of that hard work is not an insult?  Share your thoughts with us below.

Authored by: Robin Ayers