Asian Doll Fights Woman Who Tries To Steal Her Chain While Taking A Picture [VIDEO]

Asian Doll Fights Woman Who Tries To Steal Her Chain While Taking A Picture [VIDEO]

Asian Doll and her security had time!

Asian Doll was caught on video with numerous bodyguards attacking a girl during an appearance in Harrisburg, PA. The woman being attacked attempted to pull Asian‘s diamond chain off of her neck. The video has since been shared and is trending on social media.

In the chaotic video, Asian Doll can be seen outside surrounded by a handful of people holding her up and pulling her away from the woman. The woman is seen pinned on the ground by security while Asian has her hair in her hand.

Asian yells expletives before yelling “are you stupid?” She then kicks the woman in her head before being pulled away by more security. She is then seen getting into a car.

The woman accused of trying to snatch her chain took to Facebook to live stream her account of what happened. She tries to explain that she did not get “beat up” because security was holding her throughout the ordeal. The woman explained that security forced her to the ground and then Asian came up to hit her. She then explains the moments leading up to her trying to pull the chain:

“We took the f**king picture, the whole time right, the whole time I’m not on her d**k she’s f**king with me.”

“She steps down, I’m like ‘We can take a picture now?’ She’s like, ‘yeah, I f**k with you. You look cute. Come take the picture.’ So I took the picture, right, I thought I took the picture. I seen a flash. So I’m like, alright I got my picture. I’m snatching that sh*t [chain], that sh*t staring in my face. I grab that sh*t with all my f**king might. Pulled that b***h to me, that s**t did not come off. That b**ch fell, boom. She fell on the ground and all that s**t.”

She shared that security then pulled her by the neck, carried her outside and then they pulled guns on her.

Asian Doll tweeted her own brief account of what happened, saying she never fell to the ground.

“I’ll never fall plus its to many niggas around me for me to even hit the ground.. after she reached that bitch saw nun else but stars. don’t let the Santa Clause off Friday after next lie to y’all that b***h was stressed and almost Died.”

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Authored by: Sunny Morgan