Nene Leakes Denies Cheating On Her Husband With French Montana: He’s Not My Type

Nene Leakes Denies Rumors Cheating On Husband With French Montana: He’s Not My Type

Former The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member and entrepreneur Nene Leakes is opening up about rumors she cheated on her husband with rapper French Montana (real name Karim Kharbouch).

In an appearance on “The Real” daytime talk show, Nene Leakes denied past rumors that she and the 36-year-old had a love affair. When host Garcelle Beauvais asked her about cheating speculation, Nene Leakes responded:

“Yes for light-skinned French Montana. Not my type mmkay. I love French. He’s super fun. He showed me a lot of love. But he’s not my type of guy…There’s always rumors about me doing something with somebody.”


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As for what Gregg Leakes thinks Nene said:

“When you’ve been with somebody as long as I’ve been with Gregg, you know 25 years, you know your mate. You know what they will do and won’t do. Like Gregg, I know his type and I think he knows mine so he and French Montana, I think Gregg was like child bye.”

Wendy Williams’s friend Madina Milana initially sparked the rumors earlier this year.  The entertainment manager/reality star posted a rant on social media claiming that Nene had an inappropriate encounter with the “Unforgettable” rapper.

“Why don’t you talk about the part where when we was in the truck you was letting French [Montana] touch all up on your snatch. That’s right, you was all up under French Montana. A whole married woman Nene.”

Nene laughed off the allegations with an Instagram post of her looking inside of her purse. She captioned it:

Looking for this d*** Kat that @frenchmontana done SNATCHEDDDDDD … GOT to dig deeper Chile”

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Authored by: Toi Monèt Creel