Ex Love & Hip Hop Star Apple Watts Accuses Her Sister Of Stealing Her GoFundMe Money Following Near-Death Car Accident

Apple Watts

Ex Love & Hip Hop Star Apple Watts Accuses Her Sister Of Stealing Her GoFundMe Money Following Near-Death Car Accident

Apple Watts is accusing her sister of stealing the money raised for her medical bills and her children following her serious car accident.

This week, reality TV star Apple Watts, 36, took to Instagram to update her supporters on her progress and seemingly shared in a video that she had a fallout with her sister, who appears to be her caretaker.

Apple Watts

As she continues to recover from her critical accident, the former “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star spoke out via her IG stories and alleged that her caretaker stole $15,000 from a GoFundMe donation set up for her following her car crash. In the clip, she shared,

“Since I’m such a problem to the person that was taking care of me… Lady I been here for two weeks and I only seen you three times. Y’all don’t understand where my money at though. Y’all ask me where my money is. Where’s that at? Nowhere to be found.”

The television personality added,

“A muthaf–ka would not be talking sh-t if I could stand up ’cause I could beat your a–. I used to beat your a– everyday.”

She went on to declare that her caretaker

“only gave me $90, that’s it … out of $15,000.”

As previously reported, on March 24 Apple Watts was involved in a serious car crash. The “LHHH” artist was driving on the freeway in Baker, CA when her Mercedes collided with a Ford F250 pickup truck. The impact of the crash unfortunately caused Apple’s car to flip multiple times causing her to be ejected out of the window, with the vehicle bursting into flames before coming to a stop.

While the famed dancer was fighting for her life in a hospital bed, Apple’s sister, Dominique Flournoy, ran her Instagram account regularly for fans to stay up-to-date on Apple’s road to recovery. A GoFundMe fundraiser was also organized by Dominique Flournoy for fans and supporters to contribute any help with

“medical and rehabilitation costs, as well as support for her children during her healing process.”

As a response to Apple’s post, Dominque Flournoy seemingly denied the allegations and reportedly wrote a series of posts via her IG stories. She said,

“I ain’t never did this ever but just so y’all know mental health is real and snakes in your garden is believable realistic.”

She continued,

“She been at my house for almost month Ty was only at my house for a week I got kids how you only see me three times Smfh.”

Dominque went on,

“She has a appointment on Thursday at 10 am somebody who is smart tell her to come home so she can handle her bizz smh. I give up !!! Ima give her her money and she can get on with her bum a** n***a !!!! I need my life back and ain’t no returning after this !!! Store policy NO RETURNS!!!!!! Love you but I can’t!!!!”

Dominique continued to suggest that Apple’s new boyfriend only wants to take advantage of her. She added,

“What man in they right mind will take a person in the condition my sister in all the way to Vegas if you cared for her you would tell her to focus on what needs to be done. Her medical is in cali her court cases in cali her worker for her kids is coming on Thursday Something is wrong with him !!!!!! He can’t take care of her!!!!”

Apple Watts

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely