Blac Chyna’s Reality Show Stages Fake Drama & Chyna Tried To Embezzle Money Says Former BFF Treasure

Blac Chyna’s Reality Show Stages Fake Drama & She Tried To Embezzle Money Says Former BFF Treasure

Is Blac Chyna‘s reality show panning out the way she intended? Since its premiere last month, explosive moments in Chyna’s personal life have been captured – including a reconciliation and near-fist fight with her mother, Tokyo Toni.

Chyna and her best friend and assistant, Treasure, have now parted ways in a fiery verbal altercation. As shown on the show, the ladies exchanged insults with Treasure accusing Chyna of embezzlement, and Chyna accusing her of taking advantage of her. This resulted in Treasure quitting the show. The conversation went as follows:

“Blac Chyna: I give you money on top of thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars! You’re s0 ungrateful. You fall into the category of, like, Toni – and that’s how I’m looking at you. And it’s really sad.

Treasure: Wow! Me?

Chyna: I gave you so much money that I had to make you fill out a W9! And that’s f*cked up!

Treasure: No, you asked me to fill out a W9 to help you embezzle money.”


“Chyna: Embezzle?!

Treasure: And I asked you did you use my W9-

Chyna: I asked you to use a W9 so I could f*cking write you off! Embezzle?! SO let me pull up receipts, ’cause you’s a bum a** b*tch.

Treasure: Pull ’em! So now I’m done! ’cause I’m a bum a** b*tch. I’ve been waiting for you to say that for a long time.”

Blac Chyna posted the clip with the following statement:

“@blacchyna When things get too real, it can get ugly and you sometimes lose the people closest to you as a result. Never expected this season of my life and #TheRealBlacChyna to go this way.”

Treasure later took to Instagram expressing her disappointment in the trajectory of the show. She added that had she known she’d lose Blac Chyna as her best friend, she wouldn’t have agreed to appear on the show. Her Instagram caption read:

“@mztreasuregemz When I Heard The Intro I Should Have Known.. The Feelings Were Never Reciprocated.. Its Not Each Other, It’s Me Always There For You! Always Had Your Back! I Would Never Let Anyone Hurt You Or Put You In A Bad Position or Light.. if I Could Prevent It! I Love Whole Hearted And Everyone Who Knows Me Knows That..I Do Not Know What Happened For This To Happen Like This ?? I Was Blind sided By The Production Team & Someone Who I Considered Family. Initially This Was Suppose To Show Angela White..The Mother, Business Woman & Friend.. We Ain’t Seen Nothing But Blac Chyna Destroying Her Relationships With People Who Love Her. Like I Said I Would Do Anything For Her, Which Included A Lot Of Things That Hurt Me Just To Ensure She Succeeds! I Have Always Been A Support System For You Always Because You Always Said You Had No One Else.. But I Have Siblings Friends And Family Who Love Me!! I’m Everyone’s Favorite Sister, Cousin, Friend and So On! So I Know It’s Not Me! I Swear if Had I Known I Would Lose My BestFriend In A 5 Minute Set Up Conversation.. I Would Have Never Even Filmed.”

Chyna’s ex-bestie also added that her beef with friend, Paige, was not real and was staged, while friends threatened to expose Blac Chyna.

Whose side of the story do you believe – Blac Chyna’s or Treasure’s?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay