Singer Mario Says God Told Him To Give Good Women A Message: Don’t Compete With These Hoes! 


Singer Mario Says God Told Him To Give Good Women A Message: Don’t Compete With These Hoes!

R&B singer Mario has a message for the ladies and he’s not holding back. The 34-year-old singer took to his Instagram story to share a message for all the ‘good women’ out there. He claims this message came from God. Mario wrote,

“PSA to all the good women out there, God told me to tell you who may be losing hope. DO NOT TRY TO COMPETE WITH THESE HOES! They in a whole other league. Make a choice of who you want to be and stick with it #respectfully”

He continued,

“FYI A hoe is a different type of good women for a certain type of man. Make sense?


His comments received mixed opinions from fans. Some agreeing with his message while others strongly disagreed. One fan spoke out and said that Mario’s comments felt misogynistic.



Mario typically keeps a low profile when it comes to his personal life, however, during an interview in April, Mario admitted that he had a girlfriend, but he wasn’t quite ready to tie the knot. He said:

“Yeah. For sure. She’s taking a nap right now…I’m not ready for [marriage].”


The singer’s latest love interest doesn’t seem to be much of a secret. In the comment section of an Instagram post of one of his performances, singer/songwriter Kris Stephens – known for her feature on “Memories Back Then” by T.I., B.O.B., and Kendrick Lamar – wrote:

“Elemental Fire, you are.”

Mario replied,

“My fire is nothing without your air @krisstephens”

He returned the favor by commenting heart emojis under her photo.

No word yet if Mario is still dating Kris Stephens or if the singer is single.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole