Kim Kardashian Petitions To Stop The Execution Of A Death Row Inmate Convicted Of Killing Two Ministers in 1999

Kim Kardashian Petitions To Stop The Execution Of A Death Row Inmate Convicted Of Killing Two Ministers in 1999


Kim Kardashian is seeking to halt the execution of Brandon Bernard, a Texas man who received the death penalty for his involvement in the 1999 murders of two youth ministers. On Sunday (Nov.29), the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” took to Twitter to share the story of Brandon Bernard. In a string of tweets, Kim Kardashian gives details about Brandon’s case and asks fans to petition to stop his execution and allow Brandon to continue to serve his sentence in prison. Kim wrote,

“A terrible case has been brought to my attention and I need your help. Without it, on December 12th Brandon Bernard is going to be executed for a crime he participated in as a teenager.”

Brandon Bernard, 40, was given the death penalty in 2000 for his role as an accomplice in the murder of Todd and Stacie Bagley during a carjacking. The crime took place when Brandon was 18-years-old. While Kim is advocating for the stop of his death sentence, she assures that she is aware a terrible crime was committed and has sympathy for the victims and their families. She wrote,

“First, I want to say that a terrible crime was committed and me fighting for a stay of execution does not take away from the sympathy I have for the victim’s Todd and Stacie Bagley, and their families.  My heart breaks for everyone involved.”

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian states that Brandon’s role in the crime was minimal compared to the others involved, “two of whom are home from prison now.” Last week, Brandon’s attorneys asked a federal judge to postpone his execution, claiming that prosecutors withheld crucial evidence during his trial two decades ago. Even the prosecutor in the case, Angela Moore, is now speaking out and shares that she regrets sentencing Brandon to death row. Moore said,

“I think executing Brandon would be a terrible stain on the nation’s honor. Having seen Brandon grow into a humble, remorseful adult fully capable of living peacefully in prison, how can we say he is among that tiny group of offenders who must be put to death?”

Brandon Bernard

One of Brandon’s five co-defendants, Christopher Vialva, was executed in September. Prosecutors said it was Vialva who shot both Todd and Stacey Bagley and made the order to burn their car. Reportedly, if the judge doesn’t order a stay of execution, Bernard will die by lethal injection at a federal prison complex in Terre Haute, Indiana, on December 10. In a string of tweets, Kim Kardashian explains Brandon Bernard’s story in detail, including information on how her social media followers can help.

The reality star-turned-prison reform advocate/ law student has successfully campaigned for the release of nearly two dozen inmates over the past few years. Her consistent work with The Innocence Project has helped to successfully free a number of wrongly convicted individuals, including Alice Marie Johnson, who served 21 years in prison for a first-offense, non-violent drug crime.
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Authored by: Monique Nicole