Update: Shaun King Says He’s Moving Out Of His New $842,000 Amidst Backlash – The Media Plastered Our Address, Strangers Are Coming By The House!

Shaun King Moved Into $842,000 Home In New Jersey, Tamir Rice’s Mother Calls Out Activist: He Owes Money From Unauthorized Fundraising

Update #1: Shaun King is speaking out amidst reports of him moving into a $842,000 New Jersey home & Tamir Rice’s mom accusing him of owing money. He says that he and his family have decided to move, as the media has posted his address making it unsafe for him and his family.

See his full message below.

Original Story: Shaun King may have moved into a new home, but he’s still facing controversy!

This past weekend, news began circulating that political activist Shaun King moved into a new home earlier this year. The activist’s house is five bedrooms and located in North Brunswick, New Jersey, and is reportedly worth $842,000.

Tamir Rice‘s mother, Samaria Rice, is calling out Shaun King in the wake of the news. Tamir Rice was murdered by an Ohio police officer back in  2014 over a toy gun, and his mother has since become an outspoken activist against police brutality. As such, she formed a working relationship with Shaun King.

However, Samaria Rice has previously accused the activist of stealing money and misappropriating funds raised in Tamir Rice‘s name. She issued similar sentiments yesterday (Sunday, August 2nd) on Facebook and Instagram, writing:

“Shaun King owes TamirRice [sic] Money from unauthorized fundraising and that’s the truth.”

She continued in a follow-up post:

“And others that used my son name I’m starting a foundation Tamir Rice need his money…”

For context, Shaun King previously raised about $60,000 in the wake of Tamir Rice‘s death, but his mother claimed she was unaware that a fundraiser had been conducted. Eventually, courts seized the money and placed the funds in Tamir Rice‘s estate, and things have been touchy between the activist and Tamir Rice‘s mother since then.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley