Jeffree Star’s Company Allegedly Paid Sexual Assault Accuser $45,000 To Drop His Claims

Jeffree Star’s Company Allegedly Paid Sexual Assault Accuser $45,000 To Drop His Claims

Weeks after a man named Gage Arthur dropped his sexual assault allegations against YouTube personality Jeffree Starnew reports are alleging that he was paid off.

As previously reported, Jeffree Star was accused of using a taser on a homeless teen, Gage Arthur, while at the movie theaters because the teen rejected his sexual advances. The then-teenager from this alleged incident also said that he stayed with Jeffree Star later that night. He claims that Jeffree Star gave him an Ambien sedative until he was intoxicated then allegedly performed unsolicited oral sex on him. The alleged incident took place in 2009.

Jeffree Star

According to InsiderArthur tried to walk back his claims just before they were published, pointing out that he was Jeffree’s lawyers reached out to him. Shortly after, the publication obtained screenshots that suggest Arthur contacted a source that was privy to Star’s alleged actions and offered $10,000 for them to retract as well.

In a new development, Star’s company, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, is accused of paying Arthur $45,000 to take back his allegations.

A Bank of America cashier’s check was posted online and is dated for Sept. 28, just days after Arthur said he wanted to retract his claims. The check was purchased by Scott C. Andrews, who is the chief financial officer of Jeffree Star’s Cosmetics.


Star also appeared to sign documents that included conditions of Arthur allegedly accepting the money.

The conditions were that Arthur would reportedly get $25,000 for signing the document, and $25,000 if the article about his claims weren’t published within three months (he reportedly didn’t receive the second $25,000 installment since the story was made public).

Still, he was also reportedly given $20,000 for reaching out to Insider’s sources, two people who said they saw Star’s alleged assault, surrounding his claims. Messages Arthur allegedly sent to the sources read:

“The events I discussed with Business Insider were from many years ago. I am not sure I am remembering things correctly, and I may have misinterpreted things. I’ve decided to retract my communications to Business Insider and told them they don’t have authority to publish anything I discussed with them. To resolve all of this, Jeffree Star has agreed to pay you $10,000 if you choose to do the same…”

Star has denied the sexual assault claims.

A rep for the YouTuber said in a statement to The Blast: 

“…This so-called exposé is nothing but a defamatory collection of long-discredited allegations, misleading hearsay from more than a decade ago, and outright lies.

They continued:

Tellingly, all of the key individuals involved have refused to substantiate Insider’s bogus claims, while many, including Jeffree’s representatives, presented the reporter with a mountain of evidence proving that these allegations are false. She, regrettably and unethically, chose to ignore that evidence because it did not fit with her predetermined narrative.”

They added that the reports are:

“textbook defamation, rife with malice and demonstrating a reckless disregard for the truth, and, as a result, Jeffree is considering all of his legal options.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson