Donald Trump Reportedly Wants To Bring Back ‘Apprentice’ After Presidency

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump Reportedly Wants To Bring Back ‘Apprentice’ After Presidency

Donald Trump is reportedly already thinking about his next move when he signs off as president of the U.S.

According to The Daily Beast, he’s considering going back to his The Apprentice days.

He’s reportedly asked people, “How would you like to see The Apprentice come back?” and “Remember The Apprentice?” 

He also has reportedly been bragging about the ratings and the money that he and creator Mark Burnett would make, should they go for another round. It’s not clear if the two have actually talked, but Mark Burnett is reportedly discussing the potential success of the show’s possible revival as well.

Still, a spokesperson for Mark Burnett denied the rumors and said via an email statement:

“NOT TRUE zero discussions about TV.”

The Apprentice premiered in 2004 and ran for 10 seasons on NBC. The Celebrity Apprentice spinoff also ran until 2017, shortly after Donald Trump was sworn in.

Meanwhile, Melania Trump is also said to be working on her post-First Lady life as well.

An insider told Page Six: 

“Melania is in meetings to write her White House memoir… And it would be her money — a chance for her to earn on her own.”

The book would likely cover her feelings, but could also reveal Melania’s response to a former white house aide and past friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff releasing private conversations between the two along with a book.

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Authored by: Char Patterson