Iggy Azalea Calls Out Playboi Carti For Not Spending Christmas With Their Son & Refusing To Sign Birth Certificate

Iggy Azalea Calls Out Playboi Carti For Not Spending Christmas With Their Son & Refusing To Sign Birth Certificate

It looks like rapper Iggy Azalea isn’t too happy with the father of her child Playboi Carti. Late on Christmas Eve night Iggy Azalea, born Amethyst Amelia Kelly, fired off a series of tweets and called out Playboi Carti, born Jordan Terrell Carter, for not spending Christmas with their son Onyx. According to her tweets, Playboi Carti also cheated on her at some point during her pregnancy and still refuses to sign Onyx’s birth certificate. Iggy Azalea’s Twitter rant towards the ‘Location’ rapper started with a subliminal message about not missing milestones with her son. She tweeted,

“I would never decide to do something of my own free will that meant missing a milestone moment with my son & if you do you’re trash.”

She then continued and took shots at Playboi Carti’s latest album (Whole Lotta Red) which ironically dropped on Christmas Eve.

“Too bad you got an album out but can’t even come to Christmas with your own son.”

Iggy Azalea wasn’t done there. The mother of one revealed that the reason Playboi Carti ditched her and their son for the holidays is that he’s more than likely spending time with the woman he cheated on her with during her pregnancy.

“Imagine not flying out your family on Christmas but you have the girl you cheated on my my entire pregnancy at your album party and magically me and my son can’t come for Christmas any more? TRASH.”

She added,

“And I was gonna keep it cute and let you live but nah, Not after I just peeped that trifling shit. TRIFLING!”

See more of Iggy Azalea’s tweets towards Playboi Carti below:

Iggy Azalea initially ended her rant towards her baby daddy early Christmas morning and tweeted,

“Everything not for the net, but at a certain point when someone just taking advantage like CRAZY airing it out is all you can do. Night.”

However, in the afternoon on Christmas day, she fired off some more tweets towards Playboi Carti. Iggy Azalea shared that despite their son being planned, Playboi Carti still refuses to sign their baby’s birth certificate. She tweeted,

“Imagine how trash you are to do this to your firstborn son.”

She added,

“And even tho onyx was a PLANNED baby, that we both wanted. On some weirdo sh*t he has still refused to sign his birth certificate. He’s 9months old. Won’t even give his son he claims to care so much about his own last name.”


This isn’t the first time that Iggy Azalea has taken to the internet to call out Playboi Carti. As we previously reported, this past October the ‘Fancy’ rapper seemingly took shots at Playboi Carti via her IG stories following their breakup. She posted,

“You lost a real 1!!!”

Then followed up with

“People take loyalty for granted & That’s why I’d rather be alone.”

After her cryptic IG post, Iggy Azalea cleared the air on what she meant and shared two more posts to her IG stories. She wrote,

“What I meant last night was that I’m raising my son alone & im not in a relationship.”


And continued with,

“nothing I said was intended to make it seem like my sons father isn’t part of his life but I’ve noticed a lot of people took it that way,so I wanted to clear the air.

Onyx is so loved by his dad & has always had both parents in his life from day 1”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel