Sage The Gemini Hints At Proposing To Girlfriend Supa Cent

Sage The Gemini Hints At Proposing To His Girlfriend Supa Cent

Rapper Sage The Gemini might be ready to make an honest woman out of his girlfriend Supa Cent. On Christman Eve the ‘Red Nose’ rapper shared a loving picture of the famous entrepreneur Supa Cent, born Raynell Steward, to his Instagram stories. In the picture, Supa Cent is rocking a glamorous look with a slicked-back ponytail, large sparkling earrings, and a red shiny dress. Sage The Gemini, born Dominic Wynn Woods, showed his appreciation towards his girlfriend and captioned the photo

“Tryna figure out what knee ima get on!! Yessiiiiiir!!”

Sage The Gemini and Supa may be a new couple but according to reports, they have known each other for over 11 years. It also seems like the pair isn’t afraid to go to bat for one another either. Following the news of their relationship, they did receive some harsh comments from a few haters. However, they seemed to be unphased by those who don’t approve of their relationship.

Sage The Gemini took to his IG stories and shared a lengthy post about his love for Supa. In his post, he wrote,

“As a n*gga of course I had women before Supa and I’ve worked on myself from previous relationships. I feel as tho I grew into a great man so there will be hurt people. But I can assure you we really don’t give a f*ck. Ima love [Supa] till I don’t have [a] thought process anymore.”

He added,

“Of course people gone try to f*ck up our relationship because seein a black man grow and actually wanna do right by someone hurts some people’s feelings. Ya know the ‘if I can’t have you nobody else can.’”

See His full post below:

Makeup mogul and owner of The Crayon Case Supa Cent also defended their relationship via her own IG stories. She wrote,

“I was with 1 man for 3 ½ years. Another for 3 months (that was my bad because n*ggas can only front for so long.) and Sage was before BOTH OF EM. Idk if ya’ll upset because I moved on or because who I post. Ya’ll be more stuck on them n*ggas than me.”

Recently, both Sage The Gemini and Supa Cent have acknowledged their love for one another on their IG pages.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel