Larsa Pippen Slams Media For Claiming LeBron James’s Son Was Flirting With Her + Savannah James Reacts

Larsa Pippen Slams Media For Claiming LeBron James’s Son Was Flirting With Her + Savannah James Reacts


It’s safe to say Larsa Pippen isn’t too happy about the recent rumors that have surfaced. Larsa Pippen is slamming the media for claiming that LeBron James’s son, LeBron ‘Bronny’ James Jr., was hitting on her when he liked her picture on Instagram. On Sunday (Dec.27), reports claimed Bronny James, 16, was shooting his shot at Larsa Pippen, 46. Larsa Pippen wasn’t too fond of this and took to Twitter to speak out. She wrote,

“Some of these stories are so disgusting the fact that my sons friends can’t like my pics without some ppl writing some weirdo s*** is crazy.”


Larsa Pippen wasn’t the only one who responded to the rumors. Bronny James’s mother, Savannah James, quickly shut down the false reports on her Instagram story. She wrote,

“With everything going on in the world right now, this is the s*** y’all talking about… At the end of the day y’all are talking about a minor. I don’t care what type of ‘celebrity’ y’all think he is, he’s a child and the bulls*** needs to stop. Y’all got the right one.”


NBA star Lebron James echoed his wife’s message on his own Instagram story stating that they messed with the wrong one. He wrote,

“Uh-0h ya’ll F***ed with the wrong one now! Good Luck. It won’t be cute!”

LeBron & Savannah James

While shutting down the rumors involving Bronny James, Larsa Pippen addressed speculation she was dating NBA player Malik Beasley while he was married. She referenced her own divorce and stated that Malik Beasley and his ex “were separated” before she met the basketball player. She wrote,

“I’ve been separated going thru a divorce for over 2 years and I’ve been linked to a few guys my entire life so don’t sit here and paint a picture of me that isn’t true.”

She added,

“Malik and his ex were separated before I ever met him that’s a fact.”

As previously reported, earlier this month, a photo surfaced of Larsa Pippen and 24-year-old NBA player, Malik Beasley holding hands. According to reports, Malik Beasley was married to Instagram model Montana Yao at the time this photo surfaced. Since then, Montana has filed for divorce.

Montana, Malik


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Authored by: Monique Nicole