Lamar Odom Says His Ex Is Holding His Social Media Accounts Hostage, Ex-Fiancée Sabrina Parr Responds: We Both Know The Truth

Lamar Odom Says His Ex Is Holding His Social Media Accounts Hostage, Ex-Fiancée Sabrina Parr Responds: We Both Know The Truth

Lamar Odom seems to be dealing with the repercussions of his latest relationship. Recently, the former Lakers player posted a video to his Instagram asking for his fans to help him get his social media accounts back. According to Lamar Odom, his ex is holding his social media platforms hostage. In the caption for his video he wrote,

“Unfortunately my social media platforms are being held hostage by my ex and we are working hard to recover my passwords for IG and Twitter~ if any of y’all know someone who can get it reset for me hit my brand managers DM ASAP @savvygirlconsulting”



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Lamar Odom didn’t name the ‘ex’ in question but, many fans are speculating that the person keeping him out of his media accounts is Sabrina Parr. However, Sabrina Parr has denied those accusations. She shared a post to her IG stories stating her innocence in the situation and calling for Lamar Odom to move on from their former relationship. She wrote,

“I find these accusations from Lamar & whoever he’s working with extremely disappointing. We are not longer together and haven’t been for a while. I’ve chose to move on in silence about the situation & I suggest you do the same.”

She added,

“We both know the truth and I can assure you no truth is being told on their end. Now if you excuse me, I’m going to continue moving on in  peace and silence.”

Lamar Odom then responded with his own proof.

Lamar Odom and Sabrina Parr have definitely had an interesting relationship. They got engaged last November and had plans to marry on Nov. 11, 2021. However, this past November, Sabrina Parr shared online that their engagement had been called off.

A few days after their breakup they seemed to have worked everything out. Sabrina Parr gave an update on their relationship status and said that they were officially back together. She shared a photo of them close together to her IG stories and wrote,

“Made it in time to celebrate our 1 year engagement anniversary…”

Unfortunately, their rekindled relationship might have ended soon after. Earlier this month Sabrina Parr took to her IG stories and shared a cryptic message with her fans. the fitness guru posted,

“No human can be trusted! I don’t care who they are or what they represent in your life. If they are human, they are flawed & you never know what they are capable of doing! Only person you can trust is God!!!!”



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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel