Lamar Odom Helps Teen Whose Mother Was Murdered, Celebrate His 14th Birthday 

Lamar Odom Visits Son Of Deceased Mother For His 14th Birthday + Sabrina Parr Posts Sweet Message

Despite Lamar Odom and his fiancé Sabrina Parr seemingly calling it splits recently, it looks as though the pair are back together and stronger than ever.

In a recent post, Sabrina Parr shared a kind gesture that Lamar Odom did in order to put a smile on a 14 year-old boy’s face, who recently lost his mother.

Sabrina Parr says that she met the late Shayme Moore a few times, before her passing and Sabrina says that she checked her DMs after Shayme Moore’s passing and realized that she sent her an important DM.   The message asked for Sabrina to help her son Jeremiah meet his idol Lamar Odom.  Sabrina adds that she felt terrible that she wasn’t able to make it happen while she was alive, but for Jeremiah’s recent birthday she pulled out all of the stops to make sure Shayme’s request did not go in vain.

In a post on Instagram Sabrina Parr posted a series of photos of Lamar Odom, attending Jeremiah’s 14th birthday party.

She captioned the photos with,

“Yesterday was such a special moment! About a month ago, a beautiful young ladies life was taken from a senseless crime. She was murdered while her son was with her!

I only met her a few times but from I heard, she was such a wonderful woman and a great mom. I watched online as ppl grieved her loss.

About a week ago, I was going through some of my DM requests and saw a message she sent me back in Sept! My heart literally dropped. I wished I had saw it while she was still alive?

I opened the message and found that she was reaching out to me to see if I could make a way for her son to meet @lamarodom . She said he loves to play basketball and he would love to shake a legends hand.

I really wanted to do this for her and for him. Especially now since I can’t imagine how he feels after losing his mother!

Long story short, with the help of @urfavbarber , we were able to get it handled! Lamar flew in and surprised him at his 14th birthday party! Not only did he get to meet him, he got a signed basketball that was requested for him! I also framed the message that his mother sent to me and gave it to him as a gift to show him that his mother was always thinking of him and wanting to make him happy.

I hate that it had to happen under these circumstances, but I am so happy @lamarodom was able to put a smile on his face. Lamar also lost his mom when he was around that age so he definitely was able to empathize with him!

I really hope you enjoyed your birthday! You are such a cool kid & if you need anything please let us know @jerry.2x__ . We are praying very hard for you and your family????????


Lamar Odom, Sabrina Parr

Sabrina Parr announced the ending of their engagement earlier this year.

Whatever happened between her and Lamar Odom, it looks like they were able to work things out as she celebrated the 1-year mark since their engagement. She shared a picture of him kissing her on the cheek and wrote:

“Made it in time to celebrate our 1 year engagement anniversary…”

Lamar Odom also reposted the message.

Lamar Odom and Sabrina Parr got engaged last November.

They also set their wedding date for Nov. 11, 2021.

No word on if they still plan on getting married that day.

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Authored by: Demi Lobo