Tamar Braxton Alleges WeTV Got Her Fired From ‘The Real’ & Let Her & The Co-Hosts ‘Take The Fall’, Says Network ‘Needs They A** Beat’

Tamar Braxton Alleges WeTV Got Her Fired From ‘The Real’ & Let Her & The Co-Hosts ‘Take The Fall’, Says Network ‘Needs They A** Beat’

After feuding with her former The Real co-hosts for years, it looks like Tamar Braxton is now defending them.

Tamar Braxton, who was fired from the show ahead of its third season in 2016, took to her podcast Tamar Under Construction to speak on being let go.

While talking to guest, former The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Nene LeakesTamar Braxton said that WeTV allegedly played a role in getting her fired. At the time, Tamar Braxton starred in the network’s Braxton Family Values and Tamar & Vince. 

She said on her podcast:

“I heard a rumor… allegedly… I didn’t have any answers, nobody had any answers as to what happened, the girls were getting blamed, it was ‘Tamar’s got an attitude problem’, of course all the reality TV storylines were the surface of everything. Do you know that years later, what I had heard through the grapevine what really happened. I heard that that network that I was working with at the time would not sign off, and allowed me and them girls to fall out in public, almost ruined my whole career, my livelihood, everything that I’ve worked for, and never said one time, didn’t say ‘Okay you’re the star of the network, we’re gonna have a meeting with you, we don’t want you to do the show no more.'”

She continued:

“At least give me a heads up but no…pulled the plug and ain’t say nothing and allowed Loni to take the fall, Adrienne, Jeannie, Tamera, and myself. We up here battling and fighting as Black girls and they don’t care. Scratching and battling and pointing fingers. We’re not on a reality show, this is real life. When does reality TV stop being reality TV?”

Nene Leakes pointed out:

“Reality TV is better than reality. Reality TV is a little twisted, it makes more money.”

She added the caption:

“This week #underconstruction is so important to me because it’s one of my best girlfriends @neneleakes and everything you wanted to know about reality tv we discuss… no one wants to be messy.. we all want to grow… how else do you glow & grow unless you tell the truth and #stayunderconstruction*link in bio* (wetv need they a– beat *allegedly”


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Back in 2016, Tamar Braxton said her then husband Vincent Herbert told her she had been fired because she didn’t get along with the girls on the show, who she was close with on and off camera.

It’s still not clear why she was let go but many people blamed Loni Love for it.

In 2019, Tamar Braxton told Wendy Williams that people were being catty behind her back.

The ladies of The Real then addressed it moments later:

Shortly after, during a heated social media exchange with Loni Love, Tamar Braxton accused Loni Love of writing letters to get her fired, which Loni Love denied.

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