Jerrod Carmichael Clarifies Controversial ‘Race Play’ Joke Involving His White Boyfriend, Claims Media ‘Misreported’ His Words

Jerrod Carmichael

Jerrod Carmichael Clarifies Controversial ‘Race Play’ Joke Involving His White Boyfriend, Claims Media ‘Misreported’ His Words

Comedian Jerrod Carmichael says the internet misconstrued a joke that has recently garnered a lot of backlash.

The comedy professional claimed his quip comparing his romantic relationship to that of a slave master’s son and a slave was taken out of context and denied enjoying slave role-play in his intimate life.

Jerrod Carmichael

Jerrod Carmichael defended his joke during a recent appearance on The Breakfast Club. The comic seemed determined to redeem himself after Charlamagne Tha God gave him donkey of the day over the joke earlier this week. Explaining why he didn’t appreciate his “friend” Charlamagne Tha God‘s reporting on the story, Jerrod Carmichael stated:

“The thing I want to clear up, and it’s very very important…because you report it on… you played a clip of my standup but it started at the punchline and it like, completely erased the setup of it and I really don’t like that,”


He continued:
“It made it seem like…I’m into some type of race sexual slavery role play with my boyfriend which is untrue it’s so false. And I expect that type of thing from TMZ cause they have no Humanity they don’t care about the people that get hurt when they report these sort of things, but you’re a friend so I really didn’t like.”

Charlamagne Tha God, Jerrod Carmichael

Charlamagne Tha God rebutted with a vocal gesture that suggested he doesn’t necessarily feel his reporting was wrong. However, Carmichael continued to double down on his stance, adding:
“It has nothing to do with my boyfriend…the sex that we have. It has nothing to do with sex, it’s something that like people have been reporting on and I really really don’t like it. It’s about my boyfriend reading so much he makes me feel insecure about my level of reading…the joke’s about me reading.”
In case you’re unfamiliar, Charlamagne and a good part of the internet called Carmichael out because of the ill-perceived joke over the weekend. While speaking about his boyfriend during one of his stand-ups, the comedian stated:
“I sometimes joke to him that like our relationship is like that of like a slave and the master’s son who like, teaches me how to read by candlelight. Yeah, he groans, too, cause he’s a good person. He doesn’t like that f*cking joke. I like that joke…I think that sh*t’s hilarious.”

Many felt the remark was offensive and condemned Carmichael for being comfortable enough to say it. As far as Charlamagne is concerned, however, the joke doesn’t work no matter how you spin it. You can watch Carmichael’s full interview with The Breakfast Club at the link below.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson