Toronto’s Ebhoni Releases New Caribbean-Infused R&B Bop “X-Ting” [New Music]

Toronto’s Ebhoni Releases New Caribbean-Infused R&B Bop

Emerging as a global force of nature, 21-year-old Toronto-born singer and songwriter Ebhoni shares a simmering and striking new single entitled “X-Ting”. This time around, she fuses an island bounce with a bop-worthy hook as she delivers a confident, Caribbean infused send off to an ex; “A hot gyal never takes back a waste man. an ex is an ex for a reason. ‘ex ting callin… watch me decline” Listen HERE or check out the track below.

Over the last few years, Ebhoni’s string of animated, confident R&B singles has won both commercial and critical success. In the middle of a productive 2019 run, Pitchfork wrote that she is

“reclaiming the Toronto R&B crown for women.”

Throughout her career, Ebhoni’s made a point to partner specifically with Black-owned businesses, support other women artists and workers, and to uplift the local LGBTQ+ community, which she’s done through efforts like hosting Pride Toronto. Ebhoni is a must-follow.

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Authored by: TJB Writer