Ray J Tattoos Brandy’s Name On His Arm

Ray J Tattoos Brandy’s Name On His Arm

Tattoo their name so we know it’s real!

That’s exactly what Ray J., 40, did for his big sister Brandy. In a photo of his arm posted by his sister, singer Ray J. is showing off his new ink.

Singer and actress Brandy Norwood, 42, proudly posted the screenshot of Ray J.’s arm with her name tattooed in its signature font. In the caption she said,

“This is real love. I couldnt have asked for a better brother. I love you @RayJ #bestfriends #rayjXbrandy #rayjsister.” 

The photo of the new ink comes just one day after the ‘One Wish’ singer seemingly announced he was single. Yesterday (Tuesday, Sept. 28) Ray J removed all the photos and videos from his Instagram page and added to his bio that he was ‘separated and single.’

This comes a short seven months after he and his wife, Princess Love, relocated to Miami, FL. Following their relocation Ray J said,

“I think we’re in a peaceful place. I think Miami brings a different vibe to who you are and what opportunities are out there for the family and just watching the kids learn new things and grow up. My little son is almost walking now and Melody is just becoming so smart, so independent. Just seeing that, I think it brings us both together no matter what. We love each other and we care for each other. We’re just respecting each other as human beings, as parents. We’re in a great place and who knows what the future holds.”

Ray J, Princess Love

The singer has since deleted the ‘separated and single’ remark from his bio, however, the two are no longer following one another and Princess Love has removed all photos of Ray J. 

Would you tattoo your sibling’s name on your body? Tell us in the comments. 

Authored by: Ellori Nicole