Mariah Carey’s Brother Morgan Carey Is Suing Her, Says Her Memoir Caused ‘Extreme Mental Anguish’

Mariah Carey’s Brother Morgan Carey Is Suing Her, Says Her Memoir Caused ‘Extreme Mental Anguish’

 Mariah Carey is facing a lawsuit from another family member because of her memoir, The Meaning Of Mariah Carey.

Her brother, Morgan Carey, has taken legal action against the “Honey” singer for the emotional distress he said he suffered because of what she wrote in the New York Times best-seller.

He claimed she falsely painted him to be a violent person when she detailed an alleged fight between him and their father, causing him to experience “extreme mental anguish” and “serious damage to his reputation.”

In her book, Mariah Carey wrote:

“12 cops to pull my brother and father apart” 

Morgan Carey alleges that this is “fictional” and claimed only one or two officers typically respond to a domestic incident.

He also accused Mariah Carey of alluding that he tried to extort her, and writing that he had previously been in “the [criminal justice] system.”

Court documents read,

“[Morgan] brings this action more in sorrow and disappointment in his sister’s betrayals and malicious falsehoods than in anger at them. He is by no means envious of his sister’s enormous artistic and personal success, has enjoyed his own successes both professional and personal and has always wished her well.”

Morgan Carey is also suing co-author Michaela Angela Davis, publisher Macmillan, and imprint Andy Cohen Books. 

He’s suing for an unspecified about of damages.

His lawsuit comes weeks after Mariah Carey’s sister sued her for $1.25 million over how she was portrayed in the memoir. She said she suffered:

“intentional infliction of immense emotional distress caused by defendant’s heartless, vicious, vindictive, despicable and totally unnecessary public humiliation of defendant’s’ already profoundly damaged older sister.”

In the chapter Dandelion Tea, the We Belong Together singer alleged that Alison Carey drugged her when she was 12. Alison Carey was 20 years old at the time. Mariah alleged that Alison Carey gave her Valium and then allowed her to go on a frightening car ride with Alison Carey’s boyfriend who had a gun. She also alleged that Alison once threw boiling tea on her.

Alison filed documents in the Manhattan Supreme Court Monday, Feb. 1st. She is representing herself and claims Mariah didn’t give her the chance to respond to the allegations and failed to provide “evidence to substantiate” her claims that Alison “disputes,” according to court documents obtained by Page Six. 

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Authored by: Char Patterson