Trina Wants To Do A Verzuz Against Lil Kim But Says ‘Nobody Reached Out’

Lil Kim, Trina

Trina Wants To Do A Verzuz Against Lil Kim But Says ‘Nobody Reached Out’

If Trina had her way, she’d be battling Lil Kim in a Verzuz event. But she said no one has contacted her to participate.

She explained to DJ Scream of 105.3 The Beat why she thinks Lil Kim would be a suitable contender.

“Kim is that b****. Let’s be very clear. When I came into the industry, this is who I looked up to, this is the lyrics I recited. This is what made me know that it’s OK to talk that lethal s*** and you n***as not s***. Therefore I would feel like that’s equivalent ’cause Kim is legendary and she got mad records.”

Like many other artists who have done a Verzuz, Trina said it wouldn’t be a competition, but instead a celebration of their music.

 “I won’t even feel like a competition ’cause it’s a family thing. I’m probably gonna be so much more engaged in her records than anything ’cause it will go back to when I first heard her, so I’ll be in my vibe like fanned out.”

Still, she added,

“But nobody reached out, nobody said that.”

Instead, rapper Khia said last May that she wanted to battle Trina.


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But Trina made it clear she wanted no parts in that. She reacted to the challenge and said,

“I’m not going to entertain the blogs, I’m a not a person that does all of that, everybody knows me, I’m a queen. This is called royalty over here, ok I’m not stepping off my thrown to address no bum, no chicks that are beneath me, and nobody that has not worked as hard as I worked for anything.”

She continued,

“So when you girls or whatever you wanna be, are calling my name you wanna battle, you wanna do all this.  First of all make sure you have ten hits, make sure you have enough records, make you’re on my level if you think you wanna go toe to toe with me, cause you cannot. Lets make that very clear, so the blogs or whoever else can post whatever. I will not address you scumbags you are beneath me and you always will be, please make sure you understand that.”

While Trina is all for going toe to toe with Lil Kim, her name trended on Twitter Thursday (May 25th), as many fans said they were convinced Lil Kim would take the win.

It’s not clear if Lil Kim would want to battle Trina, but Lil Kim said in 2019 that the two have a special bond.

Who do you think would win a Verzuz between Trina and Lil Kim? Comment and let us know.

Authored by: Char Patterson