Russell Simmons Says: “DMX Saved Def Jam, I Wish We Could Have Saved Him”

Russell Simmons Shares A Heartfelt Video About DMX: “DMX Saved Def Jam, I Wish We Could Have Saved Him”


With the tragic death of DMX (real name Earl Simmons), several celebrities are speaking out and sharing their favorite memories of the rapper. Entrepreneur and record executive, Russell Simmons took to Instagram on Saturday (Apr.10) to share a heartfelt video about his time with DMX. In the seven minute video, Simmons shares how he first met the rapper and revealed that DMX helped  his record label, Def Jam when his hit song ‘Get At Me Dog’ was released.

‘Get At Me Dog’ was going against the grain and reminded me of what we loved at Def Jam. I was so excited I remember going to the tunnel when he first performed it and watching him perform it like, ‘wow Def Jam is back’. Sure enough he saved Def Jam and it was a moment for us.–He pulled us out of the mud and brought us back to life.”

Russell Simmons goes on to express regret in not helping DMX as much as he could have throughout the years.

“I feel like he saved us but we didn’t save him.–We should have given him more love. And we have to be responsible to the next DMX. This has to be a teachable moments.”

Simmons reminisced on the last time he saw DMX 2 years ago in Queens, New York just shortly after the rapper left a rehab center. The pair were meeting with local gang members in an attempt to reach out to the community to reduce the violence that was going on.

” He came to Queens and he gave of himself and he said some of the things I said to them before him, but when he said it, they listened. He had a way of saying things that people could digest.–He came to help us, he saved our music company. I’m sure that day he saved some lives, and we didn’t save him. “


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Russell Simmons continued to express regret in not helping DMX enough and says it is a ‘teachable moment’ for him to be better.

” It’s a teachable moment for me to be responsible when I can. To reach out to those in need, to just be better, personally.  I don’t take full responsibility, I’m just one person, but I should have taken more responsibility. “


As previously reported, DMX passed away on Friday (Apr.9), one week after having a heart attack in his home. On April 2, 2021, the rapper was rushed to a hospital in White Plains, where he was reported to be in critical condition following a heart attack at his home that may have resulted from an overdose.


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Authored by: Monique Nicole