Star Jones’ Ex Al Reynolds Reveals Why He Once Lived With Sherri Shepherd: “She And I Were Friendly”

Al Reynolds Reveals Why He Once Lived With Sherri Shepherd: “She And I Were Friendly”


Star Jones’s ex-husband, Al Reynolds revealed why he once lived with former ‘The View” star Sherri Shepherd. During a recent episode of Fox SoulsTGIF” the 52-year-old brand strategist and talk show co-host revealed that he once lived with Sherri Shepherd in her brownstone in Harlem, New York. While Reynolds denied ever dating Shepherd, he says the two were friendly and she allowed him to rent out a floor in her brownstone.

“Even though she [Sherri Shepherd] did replace my ex wife at The View, she had a beautiful brownstone in Harlem. It was multiple floors, five or six floors brownstone in Harlem. And she was renting out different floors of her brownstone because she lived on the first three floors and she and I were friendly. ” 

Reynold’s co-host Claudia Jordan then asked if the two shared a bathroom while living in the brownstone. Al Reynolds seemingly laughing and blushing replied,

“No.– She was married at the time that I lived there.”

Sherri Shepherd


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Sherri Shepherd was previously married to Jeff Tarpley from 2001 to 2010 and they share a son together. She married her second husband, TV writer Lamar Sally in 2011. They split in 2014 and were involved in a nasty battle over surrogacy. In 2015, a court ruled Shepherd is the legal parent of a child born from a surrogate mother.

Sherri Shepherd & ex husband Lamar Salley (circa 2010)

Lawyer/TV personality Star Jones and Al Reynolds were married from 2004 to 2008. Throughout their relationship, there were rumors and talks about Reynolds sexuality. While Reynolds came out in 2017 and identified as bisexual, he shocked the world in January when he revealed that Jones was aware of his sexuality and that he was not the first bisexual man she had been with.

Al Reynolds said while on ASAP: Another Shawn Allen Podcast:

“Anybody who knows my ex-wife, I was not the first bisexual man that she was involved with okay?… The guy that she was engaged with before she met me was a bisexual man. He came out shortly after she got married as gay so I’m not the first bisexual man that she was involved with.”

Star Jones

He continued:

“Some women like it. There are tons of bisexual men, there are tons of gay men that also nurture heterosexual relationships with women. Wasn’t the first, not gonna be the last. So that’s where that is with that.”

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Authored by: Monique Nicole