Keri Hilson Says She Would Be Open To Working With Beyonce In The Future + Reveals The 2 Previously Talked [VIDEO]

Keri Hilson Says She Would Be Open To Working With Beyonce In The Future + Reveals The Two Have Previously Talked: ‘It Was A Gracious Moment’

It has been 12 years since the rumored feud between Keri Hilson and Beyonce transpired, yet it is still a popular topic that resurfaces. In a recent interview, Hilson was asked if she would be open to working with Beyonce in the future wether in music or film. The 38-year-old singer/actress was seemingly open to the idea and even revealed that the pair have met and talked about the long running rumored feud.

“She actually has introduced herself. It was a gracious moment, I appreciated it. I feel like she understood what had happened, what had transpired and there was a bit of healing in that moment when we met.”

Hilson continued,

“I take her as a very intuitive kind of soul, as am I. –I think it would be a very fun experience to do that if she were open. I do feel like she understood what that was all about.–She’s amazing. I’ve always felt that way, thats the truth of the matter but no one will believe that.”


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The rumored feud started in 2009 when Keri Hilson was accused of dissing singers Beyonce and Ciara in the remix of “Turnin Me On”. In the song, Keri sings:

“I ain’t tryin to start some mess /There’s just somethin on my chest that I need to get off / Cause you turnin me off / Your vision cloudy if you think that you’re the best / You can dance she can sing but she need to move it to the left.”

“She needs to go have some babies / she need to sit down, she fake / Them other chicks ain’t even worth my time to talk about”

She ended the verse reminding her fans of her extensive writing discography.

“Go-on and tell these folks how long I been writing your songs / I been puttin you on / just check the credits h*e/ And if you want me you can find me in the Decatur h*e”

In 2020, Hilson opened up about the incident which caused her to receive major backlash and a sudden setback to her musical career. She revealed that she did not write the lyrics in the “Turn Me On” Remix and explained that she was young and didn’t want to throw her team under the bus by telling the truth.

“I had to pay the penalty and then I’m caught like do I tell the truth do I expose them early in my career? I’m super young ,super new, this is my first album. I’m so excited it just soiled my whole dream.”


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Authored by: Monique Nicole