Cardi B Files Paperwork to Trademark ‘Bardi Beauty’

Cardi B Files Paperwork to Trademark ‘Bardi Beauty’

Could Cardi B be venturing into the beauty business?

According to a recent report from TMZ, the “Up” and “WAP” rapper’s company–Washpoppin Inc.–recently filed paperwork to trademark the name “Bardi Beauty.” The documents indicate that Cardi B‘s prospective beauty venture would include a wide variety of products, including skincare, cosmetics, hair care, nail products, and perfume.

However, this venture might not be surprising to some, as Cardi B has discussed such interests before.

As reported last month, Cardi announced her plans to start a hair line. She also expressed her larger general desire of educating people on their misconceptions regarding Latinos’ features. On Instagram, she shared a tweet in which she wrote:

“…people be thinking every Hispanic is Mexican or something & must have the same hair texture, color and features.”

She continued within her caption:

“Being Hispanic/Latina don’t make your hair long, don’t make your skin light or don’t make your face features slim [e]specially Latin countries from the Caribbean islands.”

These sentiments came out in response to some of her followers’ misled comments regarding her own hair, with many claiming that all people of Latino or Hispanic descent have straight hair.

In addition to expressing her own thoughts on such comments, Cardi also shared photos of her natural hair to further shut down the misconceptions.

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Authored by: Nick Alexander Fenley