Black Ink Crew’s Ceasar Emanuel Addresses Longtime Friend Walt Stealing $5,000 From His Shop: It Broke My Heart

Black Ink Crew’s Ceasar Emanuel Addresses Longtime Friend Walt Stealing $5,000 From His Shop: It Broke My Heart

The long-time friendship between Black Ink Crew stars Ceaser Emanuel and Walt has hit a rift.

In the season nine premiere of Black Ink Crew that aired Monday night (April 19th), it was revealed money and tools were found missing from the tattoo establishment on 125th Street. In the clip, star Ted speculated that it may have been an inside job and reviewed nearby companies’ security footage to get answers.

After being confronted by Ted with video evidence, Walt admitted to stealing $5,000 from the register, telling Ted,

“I never had the chance to talk to you yet. The whole bulls**t with the whole register s**t, man, I definitely had something to do with that. I tried to fix it up later on when I got the bread to put it back.  S**t hasn’t been easy for me and I’m not making any excuses, but I definitely did it.”

As a result, a major rift has arisen between him and Ceaser Emanuel, as he is the owner of the establishment and trusted Walt. Ceaser told Distractify:

“It’s not like some of the other cast members that came on after we was already on TV and already poppin.’ Me, Walt, Ted, and Puma have been with each other since day one. If you was to ask me for anything, especially Walt, I’m going to give it to you. And I’m not going to ask back for it. That was our relationship. Like Walt, you messed up here, don’t worry about it. Because as a team, we have to make sure all of us is strong or the weak link is going to f*** the whole thing up.”

He continued,

“I never thought Walt would do that to me. I’m not going to lie, it broke my heart. It cut deep because it’s not no TV sh*t. This is my real-life friend. Because the money he took, I would have given it to him in the blink of an eye. Like when he was homeless, it was me and Ted that helped get him on his feet. And that’s real life. When it came to his wedding, it was me that made sure he had a great a** wedding. Because everybody know Walt has a struggle in his life.”

It is unclear if any charges were filed.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley