Whoopi Goldberg Is Writing A Superhero Film About An Older Black Woman: That’s Who Is Really Going To Save The Earth

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg Is Writing A Superhero Film About An Older Black Woman: That’s Who Is Really Going To Save The Earth

Movies and television shows have seen the rise in creative storylines from that of Black actors, actresses, directors, and producers within the Hollywood community. Stories are being told that are applicable to not only what’s going on currently, but affirming the realities of human life – like age.

Legendary actress and “The View” host, Whoopi Goldberg, still has the ambition to conquer. Not only is she one of the few performers on the planet to obtain EGOT status (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Awards), but she’s a respected actress.

Recently, she revealed to Variety that she’s working on creating a superhero movie, and not just a run-of-the-mill type, but a film that centers on ageism among women. 

Whoopi Goldberg’s vision centers on an older Black woman who gains powers and has to decipher how to appropriately use them. 

“Since I was a little kid, I’ve been obsessed with superheroes. They’re all saving the earth all the time. But do you know who’s really going to save the earth? Old Black women.”

In addition to that, Whoopi Goldberg is working on the much-hyped Sister Act 3 which is set to air on Disney+. Her character, Deloris Van Cartier is a lounge singer on the run from the mob. She assumes the identity of Sister Mary Clarence, a nun, and educator in the Catholic school district.

Director Tyler Perry signed on to co-produce the film alongside Goldberg. She didn’t dish on much about the project but opened up about the possibilities.

“The nuns are all waiting. Maybe there’s gonna be some of the kids [from ‘Sister Act 2’]. Who can say?”

Goldberg’s catalogue can be seen as “heroic,” of sorts, with films such as Ghost and How Stella Got Her Groove Back. Each character showed Goldberg as a supporter of strength and making a difference, suited or not. 

And the Oscar winner doesn’t plan on leaving her longtime gig as co-host of  “The View” anytime soon. 

“I’m there until I don’t think I can do it anymore, but I’m not there yet. As long as they allow me to do both [acting and hosting], I can do it. The minute they say, ‘No, you can’t,’ then I have to figure out what to do.”

What are your thoughts on a superhero film that centers on an older Black woman? Tell us in the comments.

Authored by: Èmil Flemmon