Chet Hanks Responds To DM From Fan, Appears To Ask For $200

Chet Hanks Responds To DM From Fan, Appears To Ask For $200

Could Chet Hanks be in need of a few dollars?

In an alleged recent exchange between Chet Hanks and a fan on Instagram, the Shameless star shamelessly asked her for money! The fan in question released DMs between her and Chet Hanks to show the star’s absurd request.

After reacting to Chet‘s story, the actor proceeded to engage with Lily, eventually asking:

“You got some money for me baby?”

In response to his fan offering $22, Chet Hanks proceeds to ask for $200 instead and offers to call her if she complies with his request. Wrapping up the exchange, the fan reminds Chet that his dad is rich, claiming “your dad is [F]orrest [G]ump” (Chet is Tom Hanks‘ son)… although she is sure to mention that she would still be down for a beach date.

Check out the screenshots of their alleged exchange:

This alleged exchange comes only a couple weeks following Chet expressing interest in Lizzo on Instagram, claiming:

“if it don’t work out w [Chris Evans] im here baby.”

However, Chet Hanks has also been in headlines for more nefarious reasons lately. Last month, Chet‘s ex-girlfriend Kiana Parker filed a lawsuit against him. Kiana Parker claims that the Shameless actor was physically abusive and threatened to shoot her.

Before this, Chet had also sued Kiana Parker for theft, assault, conversion, and battery.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley