Actor Tahj Mowry Reflects On His Past Relationship W/ Naya Rivera: It’s Hard To Measure Up To The Type Of Woman She Was

Actor Tahj Mowry Reflects On His Past Relationship W/ Naya Rivera: It’s Hard To Measure Up To The Type Of Woman She Was

Nearly one year after Naya Rivera‘s tragic death in Lake Piru, Tahj Mowry is revealing how their relationship continues to impact him.

The Smart Guy actor recently sat for an interview with Glamour magazine. After discussing various aspects of his history as a child actor, the interview segued to a focus on relationships. The interviewer inquired who Tahj Mowry‘s first celebrity crush was, to which he responded:

“That’s easy for me. Naya Rivera. She recently passed away, which was really, really rough. I have so much respect for her family. I still am in communication with them, so I just want to make sure I’m respectful of that and what her family is going through.”

Naya Rivera

The pair, who met as children, eventually dated for four years during the early 2000s. Tahj Mowry then revealed that the pair shared a close bond that continues to impact him, saying:

“She was definitely my first everything. I think subconsciously it’s why I never really date like that because no one really ever… I know someday someone might, but it’s hard to measure up to the type of girl and woman she was.”

He expressed similar sentiments in an Instagram post made shortly after her disappearance was announced. Tahj wrote:

“My sweet Naya – to say that I am devastated would be an understatement… We grew up together. We became adults together. We experienced so many firsts together. You were my first everything; love, intimacy, heartbreak… I will never not think of you. No woman has ever measured up to what you gave me or how you made me feel. I’ve never liked to admit it but I have never stopped loving you.”

Before proceeding forward with additional topics, Tahj Mowry was also sure to acknowledge that the grief he feels doesn’t compare to what her family members feel. He stated:

“It’s a hard thing to talk about, because to think about her mother and her ex-husband and her child and her sister and her brother…the height of what they went through is times a thousand. I almost feel like I can’t even talk about my feelings because they don’t even measure up to the pain that they went through and are still going through. But yes, much love to her entire family—her brother, her sister, her child, and her ex-husband as well.”

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Authored by: Nick Fenley