Tyrese Blasts Ex-Wife Norma Mitchell, Accuses Her Of ‘Extortion, Death Threats, Blackmail, Tax Evasion’ & Fraud: ‘I Am Done Living In Fear’

Norma Mitchell, Tyrese

Tyrese Blasts Ex-Wife Norma Mitchell, Accuses Her Of ‘Extortion, Death Threats, Blackmail, Tax Evasion’ & Fraud: ‘I Am Done Living In Fear’

Update (May 1, 2024): Tyrese is making more claims against his ex-wife, Norma Mitchell. 

Early Wednesday morning (May 1), the R&B crooner and actor, 45, shared headlines about him and Norma Mitchell on Instagram.

One read,

“Tyrese Gibson Accuses Ex-Wife Of ‘Death Threats’ & Other Serious Allegations”

He also included theJasmineBRAND’s headline from a story we posted yesterday (April 30), that read,

“Tyrese Wants Monthly Child Support Payments To Ex-Wife Norma Mitchell Reduced Until She Settles Alleged $25,000 Tuition Debt”

He captioned his post, which also featured a court document that shows a hearing ahs been scheduled,

“I’ve got nothing to lose but my mind and my reputation… And neither one of these are no longer up for grabs..”

He continued,

“I get it, I get it… We are living in the TIMES UP and ME TOO ERA! And as soon as a man goes public about the abuse and trauma inflicted on him by a [woman] we are shamed into silence? I’m past that…Be yourself in my comments! STFU , MAN UP! Stop putting your personal sh*t out there on the timeline…. Be more private?”

He asked his critics if they told Norma Mitchell to “be more private” when she made physical abuse allegations against him in 2017, accusing him of abusing her and their daughter Shayla. He said that the claims, 

“rocked my life, my career, my marriage and every opportunity imaginable that was in motion was killed instantly? After a FULL TRIAL in 2017 with her testifying over 120 LIES was documented UNDER OATH…Did you shame her into silence? No!”

He added that he will no longer be afraid “of what she might accuse me of next…,” writing,

“I’m done with anyone having power over my life to make ALL THAT I HAVE BUILT crumble…. [ for those of you who will say “Cry me a river, you rich alpha MALE”…. That’s cool.”

He ran down a list of his own allegations against her and continued,

Extortion, death threats, blackmail, tax evasion, domestic and international wire fraud, skipping 3 FULL YEARS of tuition of our daughter’s school OVER 25k in the rears 167 pages of the full on court documents link in bio ] …25 years of my life and me being a committed father…. No one will EVER HAVE POWER over my life and career…. Ever…. One thing I don’t do is LIE…. If you know of my A-List family law attorney Terry Levich Ross who had to install bullet proof windows in her office after we both received death threats? Before they make me delete this post and the link with the full 167 pages of court documents with details [ receipts ] to back up everything GO THERE NOW”

He went on to accuse her of using her deceased father’s name to open bank accounts and forging his signature on checks.

He added,

“Imagine giving yo BM 11k a month and she refuse to get your own daughter’s hair and nails done? Imagine a COURT ORDER that states we’re supposed to be 50\50 on school tuition and she’s missed 3 FULL YEARS of payments? If No f*cks given was a person”

He ended,

“I am done with living in fear… I got 1 TYRESE! Just 1.. and I am going to protect my name and legacy and family until I take my last breath.. This is a man BLEEDING OUT LOUD”

Original Story (April 30, 2024): Looks like Tyrese is taking legal action against his ex-wife Norma Mitchell.

Reports state that the entertainer recently filed a motion to change the parameters of their child support agreement due to a hefty debt Norma Mitchell has allegedly incurred with him.

Tyrese Gibson, Norma Mitchell Gibson

In the filing, Tyrese Gibson wrote that his ex-wife, Norma Mitchell, racked up a bill totaling $25,605.50 after failing to pay her portion of their child’s tuition fees from the “academic years 2022-2023, 2023-2024, and 2024-2025.” The former couple, who were married from 2007 – 2009, share daughter Shayla. The minor is currently attending Sierra Canyon School in L.A., according to the documents.

Tyrese, Norma Mitchell & daughter Shayla

Tyrese stated that while they have a court-ordered agreement to split the school payments, Norma Mitchell has not been holding up the end of her bargain. He alleged that Norma became upset after a judge ruled she couldn’t transfer Shayla to another school without Tyrese’s consent. In an angered response, Norma allegedly contacted Sierra Canyon and falsely told them that the Fast & Furious star would be covering all the fees moving forward, resulting in multiple unauthorized charges coming from his bank account.


Additionally, Tyrese argued that Norma doesn’t have their child’s best interest at heart, and accused her of attempting to make fraudulent tuition payments by forging her father’s signature on a check to the school, claiming that Norma allegedly has a history of:

“[making] transactions by using other people’s information and accounts.”

Tyrese also claimed that he’s made at least four attempts to settle the debt with Norma outside of court, but has since been forced to get the court involved. He’s asking a judge to sign off on an amendment that authorizes him to deduct $5,000 from his monthly child support until Norma pays back the debt. Additionally, Tyrese wants Norma to pay back $1,500 in Court-ordered Family Sanctions that were reportedly due in 2021 with interest, totaling $1,879.32 as of March 6, 2024.

At this time, It does not appear that Tyrese has spoken on the suit publicly.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson