Fetty Wap’s Daughter Has Reportedly Passed Away At Just 4 Years Old [CONDOLENCES]

Fetty Wap’s Daughter Has Reportedly Passed Away At Just 4 Years Old [CONDOLENCES]

Keep Fetty Wap and his family in your prayers.

According to various reports, the “679” rapper may have suffered the loss of his 4-year-old daughter, Lauren Maxwell. However, Fetty Wap (real name Willie Junior Maxwell II) has not publicly spoken on the matter, and no official confirmation of the child’s death has been released. As a result, all reports are alleged, and the story is still developing.

Fetty Wap welcomed Lauren Maxwell–his fifth child–on February 7th, 2017 with his now ex-girlfriend, Turquoise Miami. Since the rumors of their daughter’s passing, reports from 2019 have resurfaced with claims of the child having emergency surgery.

Reports of Fetty Wap‘s daughter’s passing come less than a year after his brother was murdered. Back in October, the rapper’s younger brother was shot and killed in their hometown of Paterson, New Jersey. Fetty Wap shared the news in an Instagram post.

The rapper also addressed the incident with an emotional series of Instagram stories, writing:

“Stop asking me am I ok…No TF I’m not Ok… I done lost so many n***as that s**t was almost starting to feel normal…but my lil brother man it feel like 2017 all over again this same feeling…I know ya slogan ‘don’t cry for me slide for me’ I just don’t know what ima tell my nephew when he ask me why I ain’t make sure you was ok…”

We send our prayers and condolences to Fetty Wap and his family.

Authored by: Nick Fenley