Rah Ali Is Pregnant W/ A Baby Girl After Suffering Miscarriage Last Year: I’m So Overwhelmed With Joy

Rah Ali

Rah Ali Is Pregnant W/ A Baby Girl After Suffering Miscarriage Last Year: I’m So Overwhelmed With Joy

Congratulations are in order for celebrity entrepreneur Rah Ali who just recently shared the exciting news that she’s pregnant. The 36-year-old former Love & Hip-Hop: New York star revealed in an interview how excited she and her husband are for their baby girl to arrive.

“I’m so overwhelmed with joy that it’s a challenge even finding the words to express how thankful I am.”

Rah Ali also shared how she’s handling being pregnant amid the coronavirus pandemic and focusing on remaining positive during this crazy time. 

“Despite constantly micromanaging my family to be sure they stay safe during this health crisis, there’s absolutely nothing that has gotten my time or attention outside of preparing for our baby and keeping the energy around me pure and positive. I’m a living testament to the phrase, ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff.'”

Rah Ali said that when learned she was having a baby girl she was both shocked and ecstatic. She and her husband couldn’t help but scream with joy.

“I’m talking really screaming. I asked [the doctor] over and over if he was sure. He said, ‘Yes, Rah, it’s the results from your blood work … I’m sure.'”

As previously reported, in June of last year, Rah Ali revealed the tragic news that she and her husband suffered from a miscarriage and lost their daughter 20 weeks into the pregnancy.

Rah Ali said that losing her daughter, who she named Sanna, was the worst experience of her life. 

“When you’re pregnant with your first child, it’s a whole mental thing just knowing that you’re going to deliver. Every day you count down and see [your due date] getting closer and closer. At five months, I hadn’t even come to the realization that it was going to happen. It was the worst experience of my life.”

Following the loss of Sanna, Rah Ali gave an update on her life via Instagram and said,

“Lost for words…but thank you.”

Congrats to Rah Ali!

Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel