Robyn Dixon Denies Getting Fired From ‘Real Housewives Of Potomac’: Don’t Get Too Excited


Robyn Dixon

Robyn Dixon Denies Getting Fired From ‘Real Housewives Of Potomac’: Don’t Get Too Excited

Robyn Dixon is making clear that she was not fired from Real Housewives Of Potomac!

Although the cast for season six has not been confirmed yet, current RHOP star Robyn Dixon wants fans to know that she will be returning.  In a recent interview, she says that she is excited about being a part of a new season.

“If or when RHOP returns, I am looking forward to being part of the new season and sharing my story with the viewers who have been supportive of my journey and the show.”

She also took to Instagram, posting a screenshot of a DM sent to her by a disgruntled fan of the show that seemed to be happy when they heard a rumor that she left the show.  When the fan wrote: “so glad your b*tch a*s was fired,” she responded:

“don’t get too excited.”

Speculation on her departure began after she posted a message to fans thanking them for tuning in to the past season.  She wrote,

“I am a few days late with this post but I just wanted to thank everyone for their support of RHOP season 5!!! Whether you have been watching since our season 1 premiere in 2016 or just discovered us and binged while in quarantine, you are truly appreciated!”

She added,

“Personally, it has been a privilege and blessing to share my life with you all. Thank to everyone who has rooted for and prayed for me, thank you for cheering me on, thank you for showing love and support, thank you for being kind, thank you for enjoying my goofy moments, and thank you for supporting my business!!! Happy New Year everyone!!! Wishing you all a healthy, happy and prosperous 2021! ?”

“It was a crazy ride. It’s not easy doing reality TV. To be quite honest y’all, I’m over it. I’m over it. So, I appreciate everything that people have done for me. Everybody that’s been Team Monique, I love y’all, I thank y’all, but when you cross certain lines there’s no going back. And for me my family is that line.”

She continued:

“The opinion of my family and my kids, and what they think about anything I do is more valuable to me than anybody’s opinion. So, I’m over it…When the hate becomes real, I’m over it… I thank God that my husband and I are in a position where we don’t really need for anything. I’m blessed, I’m grateful. That’s not me bragging, that’s just me being absolutely 100. If my kids were to get older, and say they watched everything and they watched the show and they watched all of these different things hapening behind the scenes, what response can I give them? What would satisfy that?”

Monique Samuels


“Gaslight me once, gaslight me twice, gaslight me three times? Nah. I throw you this [peace sign]. And that’s what it is.”

theJasmineBRAND also exclusively reported, that The Real Housewives franchise is allegedly looking to add two new cast members.

“They’re trying to add two new women to Potomac.”

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Authored by: Demi Lobo